black timberlands Green shoe brand helps Ethiopia walk tall on

timberland london Green shoe brand helps Ethiopia walk tall on

BARCELONA, June 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Brightly coloured shoes, boots and sandals, handmade in Ethiopia, nestle in tyres and wooden pallets hung with ropes on the white walls of this former butcher’s shop in Grcia, a fashionably bohemian district of Barcelona.

On a warm weekday afternoon, trade is quiet but soleRebelsfootwear is gaining in popularity, staff say. Fans include locals in their 30s, elderly people who find the shoes comfortable yet attractive, parents with adopted Ethiopian children and Germans living in the city.

The shop opened three years ago, and is one of 20 stores worldwide selling distinctive shoes made from recycled tyres, leather from free range animals and cloth hand woven by Ethiopian artisans in the poor community of Zenabwork/Total, a suburb of the capital Addis Ababa.

“It is not footwear we are producing it’s a kind of art,” explained Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, who founded soleRebels in 2005 in the neighbourhood where she grew up, after realising skilled residents lacked job opportunities.

“For people to be innovative.. they don’t have to really travel a long way or copy somebody’s business idea. It’s right there,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The entrepreneur in her mid 30s is no fan of foreign aid, which she says has not helped her community. She prefers to see people improve their own situation through dignified work with decent pay.

At soleRebels, which employs around 420 people, workers on average earn four to five times the Ethiopian minimum wage, according to the brand’s website. It is the only footwear company to be certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, the site notes.

“What I want to see happen is that, in my company, people who are coming to work are able to go to school, are able to support their family, are able to live the life they wanted,” Bethlehem said in a phone interview from Copenhagen, where she was speaking at the Global Green Growth Forumthis week.

Her aim has been to turn Ethiopian tradition into an international green brand a challenge she has risen to with energy and enthusiasm, setting up an online shop and soleRebels stores from Taiwan to Silicon Valley and Greece.

This fiscal year, the company expects revenue of $10 million to $12 million. It says it is on track to become the first global retail chain from a developing nation to open 100 stores, and achieve over $200 million in revenues by 2019.

Yet despite her ambition, Bethlehem who has won several international business awards and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader isn’t focused primarily on profits.

In her eyes, the value of her business lies in bringing Ethiopian craftsmanship to the international market in a way that preserves culture, benefits local people and protects the environment.

“There is no carbon footprint in our product,” said Bethlehem, noting that the shoes are crafted entirely by hand, with each pair touched by some 30 workers.

Shipping overseas produces some climate changing emissions, but packaging is made from recycled cartons and the shoes are sold in hand loomed cotton bags.

The company says it also comes close to its goal of zero waste, using as many recycled materials as it can. That begins with the old tyres cut up to make shoe soles, a technique used for decades in Ethiopia’s “selate” and “barabasso” shoes, said to have been worn by rebels fighting for independence.

The Ethiopian government has put in place policies and regulations to meet its goal of becoming a middle income, carbon neutral country by 2025, Bethlehem said.

But ethical companies like hers remain a niche business, she admitted, and the task now is to influence young Ethiopian entrepreneurs to adopt a similar model.

“If I put up a sustainable way of working, a sustainable lifestyle brand, then people will aspire to follow that lead,” she said, noting the need to create jobs in a populous country with many young people.

The majority of Ethiopians still have a lot to learn about the impacts of climate change and how to fight it, but awareness is building among the expanding middle class in cities like Addis Ababa, Bethlehem said. It’s something she has witnessed in the rising number of local people visiting her stores there.

The Horn of Africa country is at a “very exciting time” in its development, she said. But it is also a “scary time” as the country determines whether it can achieve a more sustainable model of development than rich industrialised nations whose past pollution is largely responsible for heating up the planet.

One barrier may be finding investors prepared to put money into ethical African companies on a scale large enough to make a fundamental economic difference.

“When it comes to.. investments in Ethiopia, they don’t choose my way of working because it’s not fast, the profit margin is small, and the way it grows with awareness takes time,” Bethlehem said.

But the businesswoman, who is also expanding into luxury leather wear, coffee and consulting services, remains optimistic that the soleRebels ethos of training workers and paying them well can help beat poverty in a country where more than 10 million need food aid amid a severe drought.

“If we duplicate this way of working.. I think there will be the possibility to support a lot of people,” she said. “We are just starting.”.
black timberlands Green shoe brand helps Ethiopia walk tall on

timberland euro hiker boots Green leader dealt blow to electoral reform

mens timberland euro sprint boots Green leader dealt blow to electoral reform

They view Weaver’s threat as evidence of the instability inherent in the kinds of minority governments that will inevitably result from an election fought under proportional representation. Proportional Representation Society, minced no words in an email to me: “Not only are Andrew Weaver and the BC Green Party creating political instability, they are creating economic instability where businesses and investors have no idea from one day to the next what might become an issue for the BC Greens to bring down the government.”

The NDP’s position on LNG hasn’t changed for several years. It supports the industry and the LNG projects that could be built, subject to several conditions (First Nations are partners, jobs are created for British Columbians, climate action objectives can be met, and a fair return on the resource can be realized).

It’s true that the NDP mocked former Premier Christy Clark’s lofty claims about the benefits of an LNG industry, but that was when the party was sitting in Opposition.

In fact, Premier John Horgan is in China this week to talk to potential LNG investors, among others. In media interviews before he left, he expressed optimism at least one or two projects will eventually materialize.

He’s talking like a premier,
timberland euro hiker boots Green leader dealt blow to electoral reform
rather than like the Opposition leader.

It’s another example of the “practical pragmatism” approach the NDP is employing as it settles into government. It has made big promises on the “affordability” front, which will require significant revenue streams to fund. A couple of LNG projects would come in quite handy in providing that kind of revenue.

Enter Weaver from his vacation condo in California. Allowing the industry to get a toehold will inevitably mean greenhouse gas reduction targets cannot be met, Weaver argues.

The NDP is flummoxed and in a state of bewilderment. Government officials tell me their LNG position was discussed with Weaver during those negotiations between the two parties that led to the Confidence and Supply Agreement.

The party no doubt feels blindsided by Weaver’s threat, although Weaver feels the same way about the NDP’s push for LNG. And even though he said in the summer that switching to proportional representation was his top priority, he now says fighting climate change trumps that and is the real reason he got into politics in the first place.

“There is no way I will stand by and allow future generations under the bus by a bunch of politicians who gave them hope but now throw them under a bus,” he told me in a Twitter message.

The confidence agreement (known as CASA) stipulates the BC Green MLAs will support the NDP during confidence votes, as long as there are “no surprises.” Well, Weaver now thinks supporting LNG ranks as a “surprise” and told me in a Twitter message that he feels he has been “misled.”

Now, Weaver’s threat may well be an empty one (he has shown considerable capacity for changing his mind on some things). And any LNG project is still at least months away from approval perhaps even longer so presumably Weaver won’t have a reason to vote against a confidence vote anytime soon.

Ironically, this uncertainty is playing right into the hands of the emerging campaign against switching to proportional representation.

Tieleman notes Weaver once said the NDP BC Green alliance would prove how a proportional representation elected government would work. “I don’t think he realized at the time how accurate his words would be but in an extremely negative way,” he told me.
timberland euro hiker boots Green leader dealt blow to electoral reform

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A Kobe Bryant signature sneaker in green? What! That is just not right. The Laker’s bitter rival wears that color. Relax. It’s alright, the Kobe VI that dropped recently is not Celtic Green. It is something much different. It is Nike’s version of dark green. A color they call “Gorge Green”. This new green colorway of the Kobe VI is part of the Team Bank line of signature sneakers Nike released recently. Red, White,and Blue were also dropped. But it is the Gorge Green colorway that is new to the Team Bank series. It is also the best looking pair of the bunch. The first layer is in the form of mesh and is placed on the inside of the shoe. The second layer is the Flywire that is used on the upper. The third and final layer covers the upper and is made of breathable mesh that contains polyurethane islands that prevent the shoe from abrasion. This new tri layer construction allows for a lighter,comfortable,
timberland childrens boots Green Kobe Bryant Shoes For Basketball
and much more breathable shoe than the Kobe’s of the past.

The midsole of the Kobe VI is also less thick than the past Kobe’s. Phylon cushioning as well as Nike Zoom Air units are used in both the forefoot and heel sections of the midsole. As a result of a thinner midsole, the foot is placed closer to the ground and effectively creates increased stability. The oustole of the shoe uses a solidherringbone rubber that has been designed specifially for the game of Kobe and provides maximum traction. Some of the editions of the Kobe VI also include a rubber outsole that Nike calls XDR and is more durable for outdoor play.

Although Kobe has not been seen nor heard from recently, his signature sneakers still continue to create a strong presence within the sneaker world. Several more colorways in addition to the Kobe VI Team Bank drops are slated for the next couple of months. This latest Gorge Green colorway will certainly keep Kobe shoe fanatics content for the time being. If not, there is always Red, White, or Blue to fill the void while we wait for the “Dark Knight” to drop.

Kobe Bryant shoes for basketball are still available in plenty of colorways. The amount of them that are being dropped have just slowed down.
timberland childrens boots Green Kobe Bryant Shoes For Basketball

mens 6 inch timberland boots Green Day have cancelled their Bellahouston Park gig

timberland fells trainer Green Day have cancelled their Bellahouston Park gig

Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!The organisers of the event insist it is down to adverse weather conditions making the stage unsafe, but a production guru who is part of the event posted an image on Instagram with the caption: “Well after a cold n rainy start, there were just too many issues w the stage, missing half the PA and the local crew being wayyyyy behind, the show has been cancelled. Bummer.”Steve Laguidi posted this on Instagram before deleting itIn a statement PCL Present said: “We are sorry to inform you that due to adverse weather conditions it is no longer safe for the bands to perform on stage and unfortunately today’s show will be cancelled.”Tickets will be refunded from point of purchase within ten working days.”Fans have been left gutted by the news and took to Twitter.Green Day shared a statement confirming the gig would not go ahead.They said: Glasgow, we are very sad to report that our show today at Bellahouston Park has been cancelled.”The local safety council, production crew, and concert organizers have deemed the stage unsafe for the fans and everyone involved.”We are very distraught about this as we are in Glasgow now and were very much looking forward to this show as one the highlights of our tour.”We have been playing in extreme weather conditions throughout this European tour, and the last thing we want to do is see a show cancelled.”We love our Scottish fans and we don’t care if its raining fucking sideways,
mens 6 inch timberland boots Green Day have cancelled their Bellahouston Park gig
although the safety of our fans and our crew is always our top priority. We love you Scotland, we love the city of Glasgow and it goes without saying that WE WILL BE BACK!”We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story.We’re also on Facebook your must see news, features, videos and pictures throughout the day from the Daily Record, Sunday Mail and Record Online.Read MoreTop news stories todayCourtsBritain First chief Jayda Fransen shouts ‘No Surrender’ after leaving dock in BelfastFransen made global headlines last month after US President Donald Trump retweeted some of her videos and she is back in the limelight again for allegedly using anti Islamic hate speech.Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.Glasgow’This guy has nothing’ Thousands raised for Glasgow homeless hero who guarded car with 450 insideJohn McMonagle wants to give James John McGeown 5000 to say thanks after he went out of his way to stop the cash being taken.Kyle Falconer’Is that right ya p?’ Scots rocker Kyle Falconer ‘penniless’ after 25k bill for boozy air rageThe View frontman has been fined 1000, with another 24,
mens 6 inch timberland boots Green Day have cancelled their Bellahouston Park gig
000 in costs after squaring up to a fellow passenger and hurling a homophobic insult at a cabin crew member in June last year.GreenockCops seek witnesses as man fights for life after being hit by a car in GreenockThe 54 year old is in a critical condition after being struck by a Renault Clio near the entrance to the Tesco car park at around 4pm on Friday.

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In this case the NaBr (reagent 2) is used in excess (.0129 mole) as compared to the 1 butanol (.0108 mole), which is the limiting reagent. Thus in Table 4 in the fourth column where the mass of the reagents that are actually used is calculated, it can be seen that even though the bromine (from the NaBr) is utilized in the desired product there is an excess of this element and therefore the excess must be added into the unutilized weight of reagents. A term we have coined called the Atom Economy now calculated. The percentage experimental atom economy is simply the expected mass of the reagents that are utilized in the desired product (which works out to be the same as the theoretical yield), divided by the actual total mass of all the reagents used in the experiment. In Table 4 we see in column 4, row 4, the utilized mass is 1.48 g and the total mass of the reagents is 4.13 g (row 4, column 2) thus the % experimental atom economy is (1.48/4.13 X 100) 36%. Although the same conclusion was obtained before a discussion of the concept of atom economy, it is helpful to table such as Table 4 so that one can see which reagent(s) are leading to the poor atom economy.

Rather than consider the percentage yield and (experimental) atom economy separately, an even better indication of the efficiency of a reaction is to consider a combination of the two. We have coined the term Yield X Experimental Atom Economy (%PE illustrate this. This is calculated as follows:Notice, that in this calculation, the theoretical yield cancels leaving the ratio of the actual yield to the total mass of all the reactants X 100. If again one assumes that the actual yield is 1.20 g and this is divided by 4.13 g (total mass of all reactants from Table 4) then the % Yield X Experimental Atom Economy is only 29% (previously we arrived at this same conclusion in a much less formal way; see the first paragraph of this section). This means that only 29% of the total mass of all the reactants is actually isolated in the desired product while 71% is wasted! Measuring the efficiency of a reaction in this manner puts it into an entirely new perspective. While many chemists would consider a yield of 81% to be a very acceptable, not many would consider the isolation of only 29% of the mass of the reactant atoms in the desired product to be satisfactory.

Although consideration of both the atom economy and the % yield, gives a much better measure of the efficiency of a reaction and its environmental acceptability, other factors need to be considered. To prompt a discussion of the environmental acceptability of a reaction it is prudent to study some of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry (see below). Principle numbers 1 and 2 are directly addressed by atom economy and yield.
timberland uk online Green Chemistry

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infant timberland Green Bay Packers

Day, 6 foot 4, 296 pounds, is a first year player out of Mississippi State who originally signed with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent on May 2, 2015. He spent the 2015 16 seasons and the first six weeks of this season on the Broncos’ practice squad. Day was elevated to the Broncos’ active roster for Week 7, waived on Oct. 24 and then claimed by the Indianapolis Colts. After being released by the Colts on Nov. 7,
timberland oxford Green Bay Packers
he was signed to the Broncos’ practice squad on Nov. 8. Day started 46 of 51 games at center during his collegiate career and was selected as a team captain as a senior. He will wear No. 54 for Green Bay.

Day, 6 foot 4, 296 pounds, is a first year player out of Mississippi State who originally signed with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent on May 2, 2015. He spent the 2015 16 seasons and the first six weeks of this season on the Broncos’ practice squad. Day was elevated to the Broncos’ active roster for Week 7, waived on Oct. 24 and then claimed by the Indianapolis Colts. After being released by the Colts on Nov. 7,
timberland oxford Green Bay Packers
he was signed to the Broncos’ practice squad on Nov. 8. Day started 46 of 51 games at center during his collegiate career and was selected as a team captain as a senior. He will wear No. 54 for Green Bay.

timberland resole Green Bay chief discusses video

timberland womens boots cheap Green Bay chief discusses video

In the final minute of the video, plainclothes officers approach the man as he records the outside of the police department and ask him what he’s doing. Lt. Richard Belanger also says he’s concerned about why the man is recording into the building.

Lt. Jeff Brester reaches for the man, who says “Get your hands off of me.” Brester crosses his arms in front of his chest and replies, “I don’t have to get my hands off of you.” The man asks, “Are you detaining me?” Brester says no, then grabs the man by the sleeve of his coat. The man again tells Brester to get his hands off, saying “You’re not detaining me but you want to put your hands on me?” “Now your detained,” Brester says, and he’s ordered to put his hands behind his back as the shaky video cuts off.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Smith wrote, “As Chief of Police, I will ensure that the complaint is investigated thoroughly and officers are held accountable for their actions. We will not have a rush to judgement, and I will not adjudicate this matter until all the facts are in and all the individuals involved have been interviewed. In addition,
timberland resole Green Bay chief discusses video
all department personnel will be receiving additional training to ensure incidents of this nature do not recur.”

He added, “As Chief I will hold all members of this police department accountable just like I expect the community to hold me accountable.”

The chief told us that it is unusual in Green Bay to have a person taking video in the police station’s lobby.

“I think that’s the reason why the officers that were in the building downstairs went outside to talk to this gentleman, because they didn’t know what he was doing. Why would somebody be filming into their office? Now, he was in a legal area, he’s allowed to walk on the sidewalk all he wants, but I think they were concerned as to what he was doing out there filming into the police station,” Smith says.

The chief told us that an investigation is about getting the facts from all people involved.

“I don’t think we can rely on what we see on the video alone. We need to interview the officers and find out what they knew, what they observed, and why they did what they did. I’m not going to make a rush to judgement and say our officers did something wrong in this particular case or that particular case. I don’t do that until I get all the facts,” Smith said. “Right now, I don’t have all the facts. We need to interview the individual with the camera. We need to talk to our officers and ask what they saw and why they went out there and what their perceptions were at the time that this incident occurred.”

Smith said he’s received phone calls and emails about the video.

“I think it’s important for me to be responsive to the people that are calling. Obviously 99 percent of the people that I talk to are upset about this. And I completely understand that. But I think I owe and explanation to them about what we’re going to do as a police department.

“We’re not going to make a rush to judgement. We are going to fully investigate this. If our officers did something wrong determined by the investigation, then there will be consequences. Look, this administration is no stranger to giving people consequences and holding people accountable for their actions. I think our officers know that. Quite frankly,
timberland resole Green Bay chief discusses video
I think they want that in their police department. Certainly the city of Green Bay demands that in their police department. I think I owe it to people to give them a call back and explain why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

kids timberland boots Greeks are investing in designer bags and shoes instead

mens timberland boots Greeks are investing in designer bags and shoes instead

In Greece’s new economic order, Chanel is becoming more valuable than cash.

Many Greeks worry that at least some of their hard earned deposits could vanish even under the best outcome of renewed bailout negotiations between the country’s leaders and its creditors.

Even those who have hoarded money fear that the value of the euro will plummet, or that a return to the drachma will leave them stranded with the wrong currency. And so 48 year old Sophia Marcoulakis is considering converting her cash into something more stable: a designer handbag.

It’s a luxury she never would have allowed herself before the banks closed. But now she considers it an investment, a tangible possession the government cannot take away. “You have a feeling that money has lost its value,” Ms Marcoulakis, who is a lawyer, said. “It’s just a number.”

Such is the level of distrust among Greeks toward their banking system. And it exemplifies the challenge Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces. The question for many Greeks has become whether to spend their money now or watch it vanish into thin air later.

For Chris Dako, the answer is simple: Buy now. Since the bank closures started last week, the 25 year old waiter has been paid in cash daily. And on Tuesday, he planned to spend it on shoes “only the best” as a hedge against the money now trapped inside his bank account.

“If they want to take some of my money, let me spend it first,” Mr Dako said.

Read moreAlexis Tsipras promises to implement reforms

French PM determined to keep Greece in euroComment: Tspiras pantomime villain or hero of right?What does Greece’s ‘No’ vote really mean?

Of course, many Greeks have little money in the bank or elsewhere. Estimates suggest that as many as 44 per cent of the population is living in poverty. Greek media reported that between 40,000 and 50,000 workers were fired or suspended after the banks shut down. Many are unable to pay their bills and are using their cash for necessities such as food.

Wealthier Greeks,
kids timberland boots Greeks are investing in designer bags and shoes instead
meanwhile, are storing their money in more traditional havens. Kostas Theodoropoulos, the former head of investment at Eurobank Asset Management, estimated that 40 per cent of withdrawals were simply transferred to foreign bank accounts. And before the financial freeze in Greece, customers lined up at Nikias in the wealthy Kolonaki area of Athens to sell their jewels and Rolex watches.

The Greek people are fast losing confidence in cash (Reuters)

But the shop’s owner said that over the past week he has had 20 to 30 calls from people interested in the opposite exchange. The owner, who declined to give his name, said the callers wanted to buy gold coins and kilobars the most expensive items his store carries.

But he no longer accepts electronic bank transfers, because he is worried about a potential loss on deposits. “Then we would be the ones to have the problem,” he said.

So his shop is stuck in a catch 22: he will take only cash, but none of his customers can access enough to purchase his goods.

“Everyone is on hold,” he said. The Greek Labour Minister, Panos Skourletis has said that the government believes that banks can hold until Sunday without failing. Not everyone is so sure.

A senior official at the National Bank of Greece said he was not certain whether all of the nation’s banks would remain standing until Friday. He said employees have been working until midnight to come up with contingency plans but that there was confusion within the central bank over what the government’s next steps might be and how they could affect the financial system.

“Now is the time to save the banks and save the people’s money,” he said. “Then we can talk about politics and what brought us here.”

Washington Post

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kids timberland boots Greeks are investing in designer bags and shoes instead

timberland promotional code Greek player’s contract situation still cloudy

timberland outlet store locations uk Greek player’s contract situation still cloudy

8 pick in the June 28 draft, said drafting Tsakalidis would be a huge risk. However, the next day, the Cavs hosted a private workout with him. Can you say “smokescreen?”Should they risk drafting a player who reportedly has four years remaining on his contract? Unless the contract situation is ironed out, the Cavs might have to pass on Tsakalidis, who measured 7 foot 1 1/2 (without shoes) and 283 pounds at the Chicago combine last week. “It seems there’s someone behind the entire affair. He recently worked out in Vancouver and the Grizzlies were impressed not enough to use their No. 2 pick on him but they’re covering their bases if they happen to trade down.”He’s more skilled with the ball than I had seen in college,” Grizzlies general manager Billy Knight said. “He’s obviously strong and physical and tough, but he’s got a nice shooting touch. He showed NBA shooting range, made a high percentage of his NBA 3s. We were able to see him make moves off the dribble out on the floor. We were able to see a lot more perimeter skills than we probably have seen in college.”Many wondered about his height, but that concern was eased at the Chicago combine when he measured 6 7 1/2 without shoes and 6 9, 262 in shoes. He is one very impressive physical specimen.”I try to be a lot like Karl Malone strength wise and the way he moves up and down the floor and the way he reads defenses and passes,” Fizer said. “But I try to handle the ball a lot more than he’s doing and try to score different ways than he does.”There’s a scenario where Fizer could be sitting on the board when the Cavs use their No. 8 pick, but it’s a long shot. Here’s how it would have to work: New Jersey will open the draft by taking Cincinnati’s Kenyon Martin, followed by Vancouver taking LSU’s Stromile Swift, the Los Angeles Clippers nabbing Texas center Chris Mihm (yes, Michael Olowokandi is still on their team), Chicago taking high school phenom Darius Miles at No. 4 and Orlando picking Minnesota’s Joel Przybilla with the fifth pick. 7 with a crucial pick. Coach Tim Floyd coached Fizer at Iowa State and realizes his pro potential. However, Vice President of Basketball Operations Jerry Krause is the one calling the shots. All indications are he’ll go somewhere in the Nos. 3 7 range. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES Every year, the official pre draft camp measurements draw a lot of oohs and ahs. Many of the first round picks available for the draft have little or no experience in college. Two of the prospects, Miles and DeShawn Stevenson, didn’t even play in college, yet both are expected to be drafted in the first round.”We keep drafting them, so they’re going to keep coming out,” Paxson said. “They all want to be the next Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant. You’re drafting on upside potential. At some point, the upside has to happen. Some guys with potential never reach it.”Michigan guard Jamal Crawford is a tremendously talented prospect, but his college career consisted of 17 games. It’s scheduled to start in November 2001. RUMOR MILL Rumor has it Kemp is working out with a personal trainer in Houston. “I can’t see myself going lower than No. 2,” he said. Swift measured 6 9 1/2 in stocking feet at the Chicago pre draft combine. It looks like a marriage made in basketball heaven. “We hit it off,” Grizzlies president Dick Versace said. “He came (to Vancouver for his workout) with an open mind and had a wonderful time. I think he’s a positive guy and he loved the feel of things.”n Rumor has it that the Pacers will hire Isiah Thomas as their head coach when the NBA Finals are over. With his spirited postseason play, he’s now seeking the maximum allowable for a 10 year veteran, about $14 million. Before the season, Miller sought a contract extension that could have paid him no more than $12 million per season. “Now they’re in trouble,” he joked. “They could have had me cheap, but now they can’t.”n The Rockets would like to buy out center Hakeem Olajuwon’s final year of his contract ($16.2 million), but he’s had his manhood insulted by the (highly accurate) talk that he can’t play anymore. He intends to come back and prove he can still play. The Rockets hope he’ll retire, but how can he walk away from that kind of money?n The Wizards are reportedly going to make another run at Knicks center Patrick Ewing. They would offer forward Juwan Howard in return. They’ve apparently resigned themselves to the fact that they won’t be getting Tim Duncan. O’Neal, though, has put in a trade request through his agent, Arn Tellem, to Trail Blazers president Bob Whitsitt. “I definitely want to be traded,” O’Neal said. “It’s time for me to play, and it’s not going to happen in Portland. That’s wise, too, because no one else will pay him anywhere near that. Two other key bench players, Tony Delk and Scot Pollard, will become free agents. The Grizzlies and Celtics supposedly discussed a deal that would have involved Harrington going to Boston for its first round pick (11th overall) and swingman Calbert Cheaney. Two other teams they talked to were New York (the Knicks’ first round pick No. 22 and backup point guard Chris Childs) and Milwaukee (for the Bucks’ No. “It’s to relieve a little pain in the back disc shaving, getting it off the nerve,” he said. “When I first got hurt, it was either surgery or rehab, and I wanted to do rehab. Now that I’m getting a older, surgery is an option.” QUICK HITS One of the key figures from last year’s Knicks Pacers series, referee Jess Kersey, has been left off the postseason rotation since the end of the first round. You remember why: Kersey, a highly rated ref as recently as three years ago, now admits that he totally botched the biggest play in the ’99 series, the continuation call that gave Johnson the winning four point play in Game 3. “I knew right away I had screwed that play up,” Kersey told ESPN Magazine. “As a ref, you don’t need to see it on tape. You know it, you feel it.”n Cavs scout Rick Weitzman has been relieved of his duties. and get the results of the NBA Finals. Because of the time difference, the games wouldn’t be shown in Italy until later that day. “I haven’t started lifting weights,” he said. “I don’t want to mess up my shot. I’ll start lifting after the draft.”n DePaul shooting guard Quentin Richardson’s tattoo reads, “Chi Town’s finest.”n Congratulations to Cavs center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who got engaged to Sarah Wirak. She earned her master’s degree in business administration at Case Western Reserve University. “He’s a lucky man,” said Jim Boland, president and chief executive officer of the Cavs/Gund Arena Company. “She’s a delightful young lady.”n The Raptors have asked for permission from the Cavs to speak to assistant coach Mike Woodson. It’s open to boys and girls ages 7 13.
timberland promotional code Greek player's contract situation still cloudy

baby timberlands boots Greece’s secret isles

timberland footwear Greece’s secret isles

Part of its relative obscurity derives from the shade thrown by showy islands such as Mykonos and Naxos, easily accessed and well developed; mostly, though, the source of Koufonisia’s lower profile lies with basic logistics. Too far from Athens to lure daytrippers into the Aegean, there wasn’t even a direct ferry to the island until three years ago. Now, though, there’s a daily, seasonal, four hour sailing on a high speed ship from Piraeus. Yet even now, the island is not yet deluged with visitors, Greek or otherwise. In fact, the most comon language on its beaches and streets is Italian by some estimates, they form around three quarters of visitors, mostly jetting in from Milan via nearby Naxos and a short ferry ride. The Italian fashion flock has already discovered the island Roberto Cavalli and the Missonis are regulars, though they likely arrive under their own sail.

What’s known as Koufonisia (in English or Italian) is actually a trio of islands. The main island, Pano (Upper) Koufonisi, is home to the chora, or town, and the port at which that ferry from Athens arrives. Kato (Lower) Koufonisi is more windswept and unkempt, though still appealing, while the smallest spit of land in the archipelago, Keros, looms over the horizon from the main port. It’s off limits to visitors; archaeologists have requisitioned the site to investigate the remains of ancient rituals here. These islands have been an allied trio since ancient times, though their liveliest era was late Middle Ages, during the trade wars between Venice and the Ottoman Empire; strategically located, Koufonisia became a sought after staging post. It’s an insight into the local psyche that locals here didn’t ally with either empire but rather chose to support the freelancers, or what we’d call pirates.

There’s little sign of that turbulent history today, though. Strolling around the steep streets of the chora in Pano Koufonisi, rimmed with boxy, whitewashed buildings, shutters picked out in bright blue, it evokes a different kind of Greece. Squint slightly, and it’s easy to imagine Jackie just turned O sauntering down the cobbled alleyway that passes for a main street, an enigma swathed in oversized sunglasses and cash (indeed, bring plenty of Euros few, if any, businesses accept credit cards). Yet this isn’t a jetset playground, but an unassuming hideaway, one where there are fewer than 400 full time inhabitants; indeed, the much repeated, though perhaps fanciful, maxim is that more fishing boats are moored around Koufonisia’s coast than there are locals living on land.

However many boats there might be, the local restaurants rely entirely on those fisherman for nightly supplies; if the notorious winds around the Cyclades have been too strong during the day, the glass cases in most restaurants will be half empty. Don’t be disappointed, though: there’s plenty else on offer at old fashioned tavernas such as Neo Remenzo, which serves Cretan rusks or dakos, crusty riffs on a pita bread piled high with feta and fresh tomatoes that ooze juice, or the local cheese, mizithra, soft and salty like the love child of feta and ricotta. Nikitouri, hidden on a dusty side street, has spectacular views from the terrace out across the water; ask for some sauted whitebait, or one of the house salads, particularly the slivers of beetroot piled high with citrus slices. The fanciest spot in town is Gastronautis, a sleek and whitewashed spot that opened a couple of years ago;
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book one of the tables that teeter on the steep, cobbled street.

As for souvenirs, the best shopping spot is Galleria Spigolo of course, it’s owned by an expatriate Italian couple from Ancona; aside from stylish homewares, the duo handpaints brightly coloured, Pop Arty T shirts in situ. There’s little, if any, nightlife for a nightcap, head to the souk like Bar Scholio, which looks as if it’s been hollowed out from a cliff, the back bar festooned with an old seadog’s trophies and trinkets.

Like Mykonos and other windswept islands, there’s a windmill perched on the highest point above town; here, though, it’s been converted to a cosy four person villa and the casual bars that rim the edge of the cliff are a low key place for a sundowner or two looking out across the harbour. The smartest hotel in town is undoubtedly Aeolos, which sits high above the chora with swoony views across the bright blue waters of the harbour and is run by a cheery Greek and his Italian wife who spend off seasons living and working in the US. Its rooms are ranged around a sizeable swimming pool, with breakfast served on a bougainvillea wreathed terrace. Rooms are clean, if basic; the best are on the ground floor, with French doors opening onto the gardens and pool.

Appealing as that pool might seem, the prime lure of Koufonisia is its astonishing beaches; reaching them is a pleasure in itself. Since there are few real roads, and little traffic, you can either hike across the island to its various sandy hideouts, or better still take one of the launches which leave regularly from a small hut on the main port. These maritime buses call in turn at the chain of beaches that line the island’s southern coast; the best strategy is to hop off at the terminus, Pori, and then slowly amble back on foot along the cliffs.

This final stop is an enormous, horseshoe shaped beach; with its white sands and paddle pool shallow bright blue water, it’s large enough to feel empty even in peak season. Better still, pause here for lunch skip the shabby cafe near the dropoff point, and walk further to the stylish Kalofego, a beach bar that wouldn’t be out of place on the Italian Riviera; indeed, it even serves aperol spritzes in huge goblets, a nod to its clientele. Work off lunch with a dip in the natural swimming pool carved out of the rock by the crashing waters off the beach’s southern end be brave, though, as you’ll have to jump in and swim out.

The coastline is dotted with rocky inlets, the perfect place for a private sunbathing session secluded from anyone strolling the clifftop. The next major beach is buzzier Fanos, where there’s a large bar staffed by iPad ordering waiters and kitted out with bean bags. Keep going and you’ll hit Ammos, the town’s main beach and the island’s least appealing, since it’s often packed with people toting suitcases and trying to soak up a few last moments of sun before hopping the ferry home from the port next door.

There are beaches on Kato Koufonisi, too, though this island is a stark contrast to the chic, sleek scene on Pano. Largely uninhabited, it’s a feasible daytrip; the boats leave from the same jetty at the port as the other beach shuttles, though less frequently. The first stop is at Venetsanos Taverna, the only restaurant on the island; it’s a comfy hideout, gingham tablecloths ranged inside a knickknack crammed room that resembles the inside of Robinson Crusoe’s mind. Pick home made dishes such as roasted aubergine from the glass cabinets and loll in the sunshine with copper pitchers full of local wine.

The second is at the main beach, Nero. It’s a stark contrast with Pori and co, in all senses. Pebbly and huge, without any facilities, its edges are rimmed with rockpools; bring waterproof shoes to clamber around and you’ll easily find a private nook for a picnic. There’s also room for tented camping at its western reaches; there’s usually a large community of naked hippies sunbaking and snoozing there feel free to join them. At least here, there’s a flesh baring scene even Ibiza and Mykonos might envy.

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baby timberlands boots Greece's secret isles
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