timberlands boots sale Finding the perfect workout type

timberland boots navy Finding the perfect workout type

All of us have different routines, schedules and deadlines. We also have different interests, hobbies and tastes. So how do we keep fit and healthy if not in our own way? Now I’m not suggesting we should act like solitary wolves and purposefully do what others avoid. I think we should consider what we like to do when we are thinking of setting up a new workout routine.

Here are some tips that can help you understand what the best workout might be for you:

When do you want to work out? Whether you are a shift worker or you are in the office from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, you have to set up some time during the week for your workouts. Improvised workouts are great, but they should only really be an addition to your scheduled workouts. This is because if you plan, you are more likely to do it even if you don feel like it.

Do you like company? Answering this question will help you narrow down the different things you can do for you workouts. For example, if working out with someone motivates you or you do not mind having company, you should consider team workouts like doing sports or even just running together. If working out with someone gives you the chills and you’d rather not share your sweat, at least you know to skip the salsa dancing or the zumba class.

What do you like to do? Whether it’s dancing, being outdoors or doing cardio in the gym, consider doing something you truly enjoy. Life is too short to spend your workout time doing something you do not enjoy. There must be something you like, as there are countless possibilities. If you like being indoors with company, consider gym classes. In the summer time swimming, hiking or taking long walks might also be put into your workout routine. lose weight, just stay healthy or work out some particular muscles) and go for it. If your aims do not fit with what you enjoy, compromise by alternating exercises you enjoy to exercises that help you achieve your goal.

What CAN you do? Unfortunately for different reasons we all have types of exercise we can do and types of exercises we cannot do. This could be due to injuries or any other medical condition. For example, if you have heart disease, it might be best to consult your doctor before scheduling your exercise routine. This is because you might need to monitor your exercise very carefully. For more information on this you can read this article.

What’s convenient? We all want to be superheroes and aim to go to the best workout place ever whether that is a park we really like, or a gym we adore. However, let’s face it: we are constrained by our home and work locations. Instead of aiming to go to the faraway marvellous place and then ending up cancelling for different reasons, find a place that is nearer your house. You’ll be able to stick to your workout plan more easily and you will go more regularly as the lazy person inside you will not be able to stop you from going so close. Whatever you choose, stick to it. However, do so until you are bored of it. Stick to your workout for at least two weeks and then if you get bored of it after that, switch to something else. If you then like your second workout much more and you want to keep it going for a while, do so. As long as you keep yourself interested, you work out regularly and you feel good, nothing should stop you from changing your workout around or keeping it the same.
timberlands boots sale Finding the perfect workout type

female timberland boots Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs

grey timberland boots Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with golf clubs.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

If you think any old golf clubs will do, you haven been on the course trying to compensate for a club that simply too long or two short. Besides making a shambles of your golf game, ill fitting clubs can leave your body aching after the game. If you spending all your time compensating, you probably aren shooting your best or even enjoying the time on the course.

So does that mean that you going to spend hundreds of extra dollars on a set of clubs with a custom fit? While custom clubs are one answer, most people can find what they need from a well stocked golf store. But there are some things to keep in mind.

Length of the club is important, but it not everything. The pros say that the size of your golf club grip should be comfortable for your hands. That why clubs for younger players and women often have a smaller grip.

If you should decide to go for a set of custom clubs, what is the process? It nothing like be measured for a suit. The point is not only to make the club reach from the point of your outstretched hand to the ground, but also to make the most of your body your strengths and your weaknesses. So don go for your custom golf club fitting session expecting to spread your arms and stand still while someone uses a tape measure.

A good custom fit will probably take place both inside and outside. The best custom fit clubs will be tailored so that your swing is taken into account. Sound expensive? Possibly.

While some major golf club manufacturers will charge (dearly) for the actual “fitting,
female timberland boots Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs
” many offer up this service for free, with your commitment to buy clubs from that company. While custom clubs are more expensive than clubs purchased “off the shelf” from your local golf supplier or even from an outlet store or individual, the results will probably show themselves right away on the golf course.

Consider the shots that you may have been compensating for all your years of playing golf. If you taller or shorter than the “typical” golfer, or even if you have some muscle strengths or weaknesses that make your game a bit more of a challenge, custom clubs can help you compensate.

But what if you want the clubs immediately? Do you have to go with “off the shelf” clubs? Actually, many manufacturers who provide custom golf clubs promise delivery within just a few days, a week or two at most.

Among the few negatives of custom golf clubs is the potential for offering them up as a surprise gift and the potential for resale. But at the same time, the golfer who is going to receive the custom clubs will likely gladly give up the “surprise” and most who go to this expense and trouble aren going to offer the clubs for sale.

Only you can decide whether custom golf clubs are a good investment for you. If you going to spend a bundle of money for an awesome set of clubs, you may very well take the extra step to get custom clubs.

There a lot to understand about golf clubs. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above,
female timberland boots Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs
but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Finding Some Quiet Time

timberland europe Finding Some Quiet Time

There are a number of different reasons why we might have stress in our lives. Some of us have stress because our home responsibilities keep us going on almost a continual basis. Others have a lot of stress because of work, especially in today’s economic environment where many of us are forced to do the job of two people for the pay of less than one. The unfortunate thing is, many of us might be stuck in a situation where the stress just simply keeps compounding on itself and there seems as if there is nothing that we can do in order to get rid of it.

If you would like to be able to handle your stress effectively, there are a number of different things that you can do which will help you in this regard. One of the best things that you can do, however,
timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Finding Some Quiet Time
is to find a little bit of quiet time for yourself. I know what you’re probably thinking, the fact that you are so busy that you can not afford to find any quiet time but the reality of it is, a little bit of this time away will actually give you additional time to get things done. How is this so?

Stress has an unusual effect on the body. Natural stress is not necessarily a bad thing and it was built into the human body in order to give us the possibility of working harder on the situation which demanded it. Whenever stress becomes so much a part of our lives that everything stresses us out, however, we tend to get less done instead of getting more done. That is why taking a little bit of time for yourself can actually help to reduce your stress levels and this will help you get additional work done during the day.

It doesn’t really matter how much time you take away from it all but you should really give yourself at least a little bit of time on a daily basis. Some people who have extremely stressful jobs may find that taking two or 3 breaks every day in order to sit quietly with their eyes closed can really be a time saver. Just a few minutes such as this will give you the break that you need and can help you to get back to work with a refreshed mental attitude.
timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Finding Some Quiet Time

timberland socks finding profit in truth on JFK case

timberland roll top finding profit in truth on JFK case

Most skeptics, including Marcus, didn t get rich by publishing their doubts and theories and some have even bankrupted themselves chasing theirs. But for a select few, there s been good money in keeping the controversy alive.

Best selling books and blockbuster movies have raked in massive profits since 1963. And now, with the 50th anniversary of that horrible day in Dallas looming, a new generation is set to cash in.

Of course, the Warren Commission officially concluded in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone and issued 26 volumes of documents to support that determination. But rather than closing the book on JFK s death, the report merely served as fuel for an already kindled fire of doubt and suspicion.

Since then, even government investigators have stepped away from the lone assassin theory. House Select Committee on Assassinations ended its own lengthy inquiry by finding that JFK was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.

That panel acknowledged it was unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy. But armed with mountains of subsequently released documents, there has been no shortage of people willing to offer their own conclusions.

Among the leading suspects: Cuban exiles angry about the Bay of Pigs fiasco; Mafiosi enraged by Attorney General Robert Kennedy s attacks on organized crime; the military industrial complex, worried about JFK s review of war policy in Vietnam.

One theorist even floated the notion that Kennedy s limousine driver shot the president as part of an effort to cover up proof of an alien invasion.

Anything but that Oswald, a hapless former Marine, was in the right place at the right time, with motive and opportunity to pull off one of the most audacious crimes in American history.

About 6 in 10 Americans say they believe multiple people were involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, while only one fourth think Oswald acted alone, according to an AP GfK survey done in April. Belief in a conspiracy, though strong, has declined since a 2003 Gallup poll found 75 percent said they thought Oswald was part of a wider plot.

The case has riveted the public from the start. When the Warren Commission report was released in book form, it debuted at No. 7 on The New York Times Best Sellers List.

Two years later, attorney Mark Lane s Rush to Judgment dominated the list. The Warren Commission, he argued, frequently chose to rely on evidence that was no stronger and sometimes demonstrably weaker than contrary evidence which it rejected.

The book has since sold millions of copies in hardcover and paperback, says Lane.

Since then, dozens of books with titles like Best Evidence, Reasonable Doubt, High Treason and Coup D Etat in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. government and beyond.

British journalist Anthony Summers, whose BBC documentary became the 1980 book Conspiracy, says many conspiracy buffs are fine scholars and students, and some are mad as hatters who think it was done by men from Mars using catapults.

Unlike the later coverage of Watergate, there were no reporters like The Washington Post s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who were told by their editors, Get on this and don t get off it, says Summers. Nobody went down there and really did the shoe leather work and the phone calls that we re all supposed to do.

For many, the Kennedy assassination has become a board game: Who killed JFK? So you feel free to sit around and say, Oh! It s the mob. Oh! It s the KGB and have no shame, scoffs Gerald Posner, whose 1993 book Case Closed declared that the Warren Commission essentially got it right.

The Oswald as patsy community has vilified Posner.

But the lawyer says he didn t set out to write a defense of the Warren Commission. Instead, he planned to go back through the critical evidence to see what more could be determined through hindsight and more modern investigative techniques and then put out a book that says, Read THIS book. Here are the four unresolved issues of the Kennedy assassination, with the evidence on both sides.

Halfway through the allotted research time, Posner went to the editorial staff with a new idea: A book that says flat out who killed Kennedy.

Who? one of the editors asked, as Posner retells it.

Oswald, Posner says he repeated. And they literally looked at me as though I had just come in from Mars. And you could tell there was this feeling of, Oh my God. He s read the Warren Commission and that s all he s done.

Case Closed went on to sell 100,000 copies in hardcover. I would have never thunk it, Posner says. Kennedy, embarked on his book expecting to vindicate the Warren Commission.

What he didn t expect was for it to balloon into a 1,650 page behemoth with a CD ROM containing an additional 960 pages of endnotes that cost $57.

STOP writing, he recalls his wife telling him. You re killing the sales of the book.

The 78 year old lawyer blames the conspiracy theorists. We re talking about people, he explains, who ve invested the last 15, 20, 25 years of their life in this. They ve lost jobs. They ve gotten divorces. Nothing stops them.

Like a pea brain, he says, he responded to all of their allegations. It s a bottomless pit. It never, ever ends. And if my publisher didn t finally step in and say, Vince, we re going to print, I d still be writing the book.

Despite its girth and hefty price tag, Reclaiming History had a respectable first printing of 40,000, says Bugliosi, best known as the former deputy Los Angeles district attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson.
timberland socks finding profit in truth on JFK case

timberland style ladies boots Finding out about braces

timberland sandals for men Finding out about braces

I looked through the photos last week. I saw the photo of a lad in bed with a bicycle in the foreground. This photo stirred some vivid memories and emotions within me.

I had learned to ride my friend’s bike. After I learned to ride, I wanted my own bike and was told I would get one for my birthday. I was in the hospital on my sixth birthday about a month after polio struck me. My parents were able to visited me. I asked about “my bike” that had been promised. Dad replied there was no bike as I was going to be getting braces instead. Of course I understood the braces were my “present” instead.

That was my “introduction” to what was headed my way. I guess until then, I did not have any expectations except going home. Ifound thatunderstanding several years later when talking with my Mom.

That was the way I found out I was going tohave braces. I did not accept that well. I have wondered if I had I found out another way,
timberland style ladies boots Finding out about braces
under a different circumstance, fromsomebody else, would my response have may been better? Maybe that misunderstanding would not have happened.
timberland style ladies boots Finding out about braces

timberland calderbrook boots Finding love and life in New Glasgow

timberland womens shoes Finding love and life in New Glasgow

Doug Stallard looks back on a New Glasgow where he found a life partner and a career, raised a family and tried to build a stronger community. (Rosalie MacEachern photo)

“In the [1950s and 1960s], downtown would be teeming with people on a Saturday night. They would be all dressed up and doing their shopping. The country folks came to town to pay their bills and buy what they needed for the week. The stores would stay open as late as need be.”

“We’d have customers coming and going, picking up something, paying as little as 10 cents on an account. We also had a bit of a hot stove league where men would gather to talk politics and sports while women did their shopping.”

A woman’s shopping might include a stop at the Goodman’s department store or at Jessie Logan’s millinery shop where the latest fashions in headwear were crafted.

Stallard, who was born during a 1922 snowstorm, grew up on the West Side, the oldest in a family of five where every nickel counted.

He never saw his father, who spent more than three years in the trenches during the First World War, leave a bite of food on his plate.

Steady work was hard to find in the 1930s. His father was a part time police officer, and did a day’s work whenever he could, with no welfare and few charities to turn to. He noted that the town had a work fare program that allowed for people to work a day a week to earn a few dollars.

Many families made regular visits to the town dump, hoping to scavenge something useful.

Stallard remembers a hobo settlement as it would’ve been called at the time where Sobeys Warehouse now stands and another near the Allan Shaft pump house.

“Fellows would come around asking if they could chop wood or shovel coal into a basement for a meal. Often they were war vets like my father and his brothers. We had little e xtra so many times my mother and father gave up their own meals.”

Stallard left school in Grade 10, not because his parents asked him to, but because it was obvious they could use the help.

His first job was doing farm work, his second at Eastern Bakeries off Stellarton Road.

“I started making $6 a week and by the time I enlisted, I was making $18 a week, which was not too bad for a young fellow. At least half of it went to the family.”

At the bakery, he mixed dough and greased pans with a German who openly supported Hitler.

“I guess he was bitter over the terms of settlement of the first war. He was very vocal and there were some savage arguments. One day in 1939, the Mounties came and took him away to an internment camp. I don’t know what became of him after that.”

When he turned 18, Stallard enlisted in the RCAF. Young as he was, he was put in charge of taking a group out west for training.

“We landed in Montreal and none of us had ever been anywhere. We put our documents in a locker and everyone scattered. When it got close to train time, I had to get the stationmaster to unlock the locker because Harry MacDonald of Trenton had the key and there was no sign of him. I was worried sick, but just as we were pulling out of the station, we saw Harry come running,
timberland calderbrook boots Finding love and life in New Glasgow
full speed down the platform and jump onto the last car.”

The RCAF had 13,000 personnel killed in operations or die as prisoners of war while another 4,000 died in training or from other causes.

Stallard vividly remembers the first good friend he lost. He also remembers more than one instance when his comrades sensed their time was up.

“There was a fellow, a real ladies’ man, who had picked up a beautiful pair of leather Oxfords in England and he was so proud of them. One night as he was going out, he told us he was taking his shoes with him so we wouldn’t have to fight over them. We tried to laugh it off, but he had a strong feeling he wouldn’t be back and he was right.”

The war was over by the time Stallard learned his cousin and boyhood friend, Blair MacKay, had been shot down off the coast of Italy, his body never recovered.

“Going to see my aunt and uncle when I came home was one of the hardest things I ever did.”

Stallard credits his late wife, Vera Rogers, with helping him put the war behind him.

“I met her at my going away party. I saw her skating and she was so beautiful and graceful. I’d have given anything to skate with her, but I was no match.”

When he came back from the war, he managed to work up the courage to ask her out for a date, and eventually, asked her to marry him, a proposal she turned down.

It turned out Vera’s refusal just meant not yet. They married and had more than 60 years together, raising a family of four.

As a veteran flight lieutenant, Stallard secured a four year apprenticeship at MacLeod’s Drugs and took courses at Dalhousie University. By 1950, he was able to register as a pharmacist.

“I didn’t know a thing about pharmacy, but I survived the training and it grew on me, probably because I enjoyed the people. If circumstances were different, I’d have been an engineer, but the way things worked out, I ended up running three stores. That lasted until I had a heart attack,
timberland calderbrook boots Finding love and life in New Glasgow
but the days of the independent pharmacy were already over.”

timberland work boots Finding its feet

womans timberland boots Finding its feet

NEW DELHI, December 14There is a charming contradiction in footwear marketer Rockport’s aspirations when it comes to the Indian market. On the one hand, the company is looking to replicate the performance of mother brand Reebok be it in terms of sales turnover, brand recall or brand aspiration. On the other, it is determined that it does not want to achieve greatness riding piggyback on Reebok.Yet, strangely, Rockport’s raison d’etre is to offer the Indian consumer the entire gamut of premium footwear options by complementing the Reebok brand. “Rockport was launched in India so that the consumer could get all categories of shoes sports and non sports under the Reebok umbrella,” says Manish Dawar, country manager, Rockport. With Reebok accounting for the sports shoe segment, it made perfect sense to launch Rockport in the brown shoe segment.And the brown shoe segment holds a lot of promise, if Dawar is to be believed. “Footwear and apparel account for the largest consumer spends in the non durables market, both globally and in India,” says Dawar. Despite that, in India, the footwear market has been under the sway of the unorganized sector for a long time. Till recently, other than Bata, there was no big branded player in the market. And even today, national footwear brands are few in number.The domestic market for branded formal footwear is pegged at 3.5 million pairs, with the premium segment shoes in the Rs 1,000 plus range accounting for 1 million pairs. While among the branded players Action Shoes is the market leader in terms of volumes, in the premium segment, the brands competing for the consumer’s attention are Hush Puppies, Florsheim, Lee Cooper, Lotus Bawa and Red Tape. And Rockport, of course.”Rockport is actually in the super premium bracket,” says Dawar. “The lowest priced Rockport shoe is retailed at Rs 2,490 while the highest goes for Rs 10,000,” he adds. Which is one of the problems Rockport faces. Even the well heeled consumer sees Rockport as being very expensive.”The kind of technology that goes into Rockport shoes has to be experienced to be believed,
timberland work boots Finding its feet
” says Subhinder Singh Prem, executive director, sales marketing, Rockport. “Rockport has spent over Rs 400 crore on technology based research. People should know why they are shelling out so much money for a pair of shoes. So, honestly, it will be another two three years before people start buying Rockport.”It is not as if there aren’t any ‘footfalls’ in Rockport stores. “Conversion in our stores is as high as 75 per cent,” informs Dawar. Great! Not really, says Dawar. “Typically, the conversion rate should be 10 15 per cent. The high conversion signifies that those who are walking into Rockport stores are people predisposed to the brand, such as NRIs.” Which means that not enough non loyalists are walking into Rockport stores.That Rockport suffers from low brand awareness is a fact. One reason Rockport decided to launch Rockport apparel in the first quarter of 2000. In India, apparel being more affordable, it provides an entry point to the consumer. The figures suggest the plan seems to have worked. While globally, apparel’s contribution constitutes just 10 per cent of the sales turnover, in India, half of Rockport’s sales come from apparel.To create awareness, the company has also increased its visibility in the media. It is running a print campaign, devised by HTA, which talks about The Rockport Experience. ‘Don’t just walk’ is the Rockport tagline. The idea is to appeal to the adventurous at heart. With reach being a vital factor, the company has spread retail presence to all the metros and many mini metros. While 15 exclusive Rockport stores are present nationwide, the company is also retailing the brand through footwear and apparel dealers, and shop in shop outlets such as Ebony.For a company that has invested $4 million over a two year period in setting up its India operations, Rockport has much at stake. The company is expecting to close the year 2000 with a turnover of Rs 6 crore. “Which is not bad,” insists Dawar. “For Rockport, one full year of operations, in the true sense of the word, will happen only next year.” The company hopes to end 2001 with a Rs 30 crore turnover.Dawar is also banking on the de reservation of the footwear sector “hopefully in one year” for better economies of scale. “Today, most of our shoes are imported, but we are certainly looking to manufacture shoes in India. Once the restrictions are removed, we can make that kind of investments in plants and machinery,” he avers.
timberland work boots Finding its feet

timberland leather gloves Finding America’s Best Comfort Shoes

childrens timberland Finding America’s Best Comfort Shoes

Today, shoes are symbols of style for both women and men. Finding the right pair of shoes has always been one of the top items on every American shopping list. Everyone wants to have footwear that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. There are some who are fortunate enough to find one that best suits them while many others are having a hard time finding theirs. Unfortunately some of them buy the wrong shoes and suffer pain just for fashion.

The fact is, most footwear on the market today is neither comfortable nor good for the feet. According to American Podiatric Medical Association, 50% of Americans, aged 18 60, suffer from some kind of foot ailment, and that many of these are related to wearing uncomfortable and incorrect footwear.

You don’t have to suffer pain for fashion. Many of America’s favorite comfort shoes manufacturers today are offering their clients variety of choices for shoes and footwear. These manufacturers also hire specialist to keep pace with fashion trends while still offering the features that make a shoe comfortable. Many online shoe shops today are built to provide Americans the best and most comfortable cold weather winter waterproof boots and shoes, casual comfort canvas shoes, MBT special walking footwear , new balance walking and athletic sneakers and many more. All you have to do is find a good fit for you by knowing your feet type and the best shoe for them.

Getting a Good Fit

When it comes to shoes and other footwear, the biggest comfort factor is getting a good fit. It is easier said than done because finding a good fit takes a lot of time. Every pair and shoe style and manufacturer is different, so it is quite amazing how these work out together.

Our feet are 3 dimensional. So while size charts can be helpful, they don’t measure the girth of our feet. You use this chart as starting point but not a fact that’s written in stone. The shoes or footwear you bought today might have declared you a size 7, but tomorrow’s shoes might deem you to be a size 7.5 or more. Consequently, size charts cannot be relied upon for total accuracy.

Know Your Feet, Know Your Shoes

Do you have wide feet? Then you might need to size up in those little cute pair of shoes you get your interest on. If you have high arches, then narrow shoes or boots might be a problem for you. Knowing what kind of feet you have can help you in choosing the shoes that is right for your feet and won’t hurt you even if you wear them during long periods of walking or activity.

You can use the shoes you already own to figure out what can work for you, and pay close attention to future purchases to see why some shoes’ styles work and others don’t. There is a reason you find some styles and brands more comfortable.

When shopping for shoes, you have to remember that there is no point in buying a pair of shoes just for its style/looks. They also have to fit well and be comfortable throughout the day.
timberland leather gloves Finding America's Best Comfort Shoes

timberland mens sandals uk Finding Affordable Women

timberland lansley boots Finding Affordable Women

When it comes to fashion, women clothes usually do not compromise with the prices; in fact sometimes the more expensive it is, the simpler the design or the pattern would be or the more wanted the item is simply due to the price. Women fashion clothing is one of the most popular selling types of clothing in the world, and it is a consistently growing industry.

The matter of being fashionable here refers to both the designs of the clothing as well as the materials that are used to make the clothing. These two aspects of women clothing especially when it comes to important ones such formal, casual, maternity or other clothing type is very significant in regards to the decision of the stylishness of the clothing. There are many types of clothing available with many different designs and cuts and finishes, and so it should not be hard to find something that not only fits you properly but that you find attractive and appealing as well.

One of the most important types of maternity clothing in regards to women fashionable clothing as a whole is that of casual maternity wear. Casual wear here basically includes anything that you would wear on a regular day, or to a more casual outing, such as a picnic or family get together.

It also includes the normal outing maternity wear that you walk out around the house in; this casual fashionable wear basically can be found anywhere around the country, in any store, usually at discounted prices for most of the time, simply because it has a very good market and customer response. When it comes to affordable women fashionable clothing, what truly matters most, besides the design, is the strength or durability of the clothes itself. This matter is one which this lies primarily on the matter of what type of material is used. Most of the times, in order to be as affordable as possible, women fashion clothing is primarily made from cotton, polyester, nylon, and so on. Cotton is one of the most common materials used in making clothes, as it is very casual and yet it can be made very beautiful to look very fashionable, and at the same time is incredibly inexpensive.

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timberland mens sandals uk Finding Affordable Women

pink timberland boots Find The Best Shoe For Your Workout

girls timberland boots Find The Best Shoe For Your Workout

Unless your sport of choice is swimming or yoga, if you’re going to exercise, you need sneakers. And not just any sneakers; to protect your body from injury and maximize the benefits of your workout, you need to match your shoe to your activity. Scanning the aisles of a shoe warehouse or heading to your local sporting goods store isn’t enough; we got expert tips on what shoes are best for which workouts from podiatrists Elizabeth Kurtz, DPM, spokesperson for American Podiatric Medical Association, and Matt Werd, DPM, spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine.

Best for: running or walking. They’re specifically designed for forward motion, and the sole is constructed for the continuous heavy impact of running.

Skip them if you do cardio classes like Zumba and step. Running shoes have very little if any support for all the side to side moves you’ll do in these types of classes.

Buying tip: Running shoes often dominate the shelves of athletic shoe departments or stores, offering you a wide variety of styles. To help you navigate all the options stability, neutral, and motion control shop at a specialty running store. The salespeople are more knowledgeable and can help you find the shoe that’s best for your feet.

Best for: walking. Like running shoes, they’re designed for forward motion and to facilitate the heel to toe rolling motion of walking.

Skip them if you plan to include running intervals in your walks. The impact from running is two to three times higher than walking, and walking shoes aren’t built to handle those kinds of forces.

Buying tip: Many stores have slim pickings when it comes to walking shoes (and they’re often less stylish than other sneakers). If you can’t find a pair that suits your feet and your style, browse the running shoe section.

Best for: strength training, Zumba, boot camp workouts, step aerobics, cardio machines such as ellipticals. These shoes provide support whether you’re moving forward, backward, or side to side.

Skip them if you do walking or running specific workouts. If you’re doing a certain activity two or more times a week, you should get a sports specific shoe to better handle the repetitive motions. This goes for other activities like tennis or basketball, too.

Buying tip:

Not all stores label these shoes as cross trainers. Some are simply called “trainers” or “performance training” so ask a salesperson to identify them for you.

Best for: hiking hilly trails with rocks and roots. The rugged soles on these shoes grip better than other athletic shoes and are harder to protect your feet from obstacles you’re likely to find in your path.

Skip them if you stick to mostly level gravel or well groomed dirt trails. Hiking shoes are heavy so they’re likely to slow you down. If you don’t need the protection, you’ll get a better workout with a lighter weight running or walking shoe.

Buying tip: Choose a high top hiker if the terrain is very hilly or you’ll be navigating a lot of obstacles. For more moderate trails, a low top trail shoe is fine.

Shoe companies have jumped on the barefoot running trend, and most manufacturers now offer “minimalist” styles that provide little to no support or cushioning in an effort to mimic barefoot walking or running. While features vary among brands, the shoes are basically just protecting your feet from the pavement. Minimalist shoes may have a place in training programs for competitive runners or walkers, but they aren’t right for the average walker or runner who is trying to lose weight. The heavier you are, the more support you need when you begin exercising to avoid excess strain on your feet that can cause injuries, says Dr. Werd. Bottom line: If you wouldn’t exercise barefoot, don’t exercise in these shoes.

Best for: slow, short walks. Ads tout that these shoes with rounded or rocker bottom soles work muscles harder for faster toning, but some scientific studies dispute these claims. Even if they provide some benefit, wearing these shoes for a full length workout or all day as you run errands may put you at risk for injuries like Achilles tendonitis.

Skip them if you have balance or joint problems The purpose of these shoes is to make you unstable. Combine that with balance or vertigo issues and you may be more likely to fall. This instability also changes how you walk, which could aggravate joint problems like arthritis.

Buying tip: Some toning shoes are more curved than others, so try on a variety of styles and pay attention to how your entire body feels when you’re walking in them. If something doesn’t feel right (for example: your knees seem to be rolling in) try a different brand or put these back on the shelf and stick with a traditional walking or running shoe.
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