grey timberland boots Benz Stadium during National Championship

timberland sweaters Benz Stadium during National Championship

And, not to our surprise, the same people who projected the same sign on the Crowne Plaza hotel back in November 2016, are the same people responsible for projecting it on the stadium during the National Championship.

The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America released this statement:

“This evening,
grey timberland boots Benz Stadium during National Championship
activists with the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America sent a message directly to Donald Trump and his proto fascist administration they are not welcome in the City of Atlanta.

Trump White Supremacy One is Illegal and for All was projected onto the side of Mercedes Benz Stadium just moments before Trump took the field at the NCAA National Championship game.

The projections are a statement of our anger and disgust with the racist Trump administration but they are also a vision of a more prosperous future for our community a future where our bodies aren’t used for profit in an unjust healthcare system and a future where no one has to live in fear of deportation or racist violence.

We believe that future is attainable through mass working class mobilization against the evils of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism.”

Atlanta Police Department said they are aware of the projection and could not find the source while it was happening. They said they do no anticipate making any arrests.

“The Atlanta Police Department consulted with both MB Stadium leadership and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office on possible charges. While the message may understandably be offensive to some, there was no physical damage to the building and our ability to bring criminal charges would be very limited given current state and local statutes addressing vandalism and damage to property,
grey timberland boots Benz Stadium during National Championship
” the statement read in part.