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And every now and then you get stuck in a situation that seems hopeless :). Even with a large team of capable people and the vast code example base available on the internet, some problems seem unsolvable !

First the current layout of the project, we create software, but we actually sell a complete system to our customers. This means that we will ship a Dell desktop model together the software ! Then our service people will run the install scripts on site and configure it to the needs of the customer. But during the configuration, the service guy has to create several users through the configuration program. These users are stored in Windows XP as actual users, so when the service guys creates a new user, the default settings for this user are coming from Windows XP itself.

To facilitate the install, we had the idea of manipulating Windows XP in such a manner that during configuration of our software the service guy can pick one Locale that will have the effect that each time he adds a new user it will already have those Locale settings.

For this problem I was asked to come up with a good solution in C !!
timberland earthkeepers jacket Default user Locale through

And well to cut a long story short, I haven found one !!!!! So I was stuck.

What happens when I stuck I go around the internet and search for topics that are closely linked. Well let me say that since the dawn of Blogs, we are blessed with information and knowledge that has impact on real life development !!

As a blogger myself, I know that writing a good article with some tutorial knowledge so since developers started using this medium my life got a lot easier :). One of those blogs is the one of Shawn Steele,
timberland earthkeepers jacket Default user Locale through
and let me tell you his blog is superb ! Easy to follow and the example code/solutions he posts are all eye openers for me.

Well because he had already written many posts about cultural settings, I tried to contact him to see if he could shed some light on my problem. And guess what, I got a solution within 24 hours !!!!! That isn even damn fast, that is just amazingly brilliant !! His original answer is situated here.