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i am new to this attempted sucided one time before years ago but was found. i thought i had an ok life but everyday i am reminded that i am not up to par. I barely make my two kids happy they actually hate me ive accepted that in a relantionship n i love her dearly and i cant even get find my way to be sexual with her anymore. my family seems so far away from me after years of being there for them. i could go on but i have 30 300mg of seroquel pills likely i will only take 10 of them at one time do you think this will work please let me know / butta

to the poter that recommended that family would understand and try speaking to someone ” seeking counseling” i tried that and i ended up being chestise like a child told that i was being selfish when all i needed was someone to listen to understand the place that i walk in is black and i am hurt but what i got is what makes people like us feel this way in the first place. SO SCREW ALL THE ADS/POSTER THAT SAY TALK ABOUT IT! it hurts to be where i am and trust i have thought of every option that there is and now i am more hurt because all you ever want is to feel more then where you are. MY LAST POSTING BUTTA

30 pills of Paracetamol will do the job faster and cheaper for us people. Just check out the forums and papers on the high poisonous effects of low doses of paracetamol. It doesn’t take much for Paracetamol to cause liver destruction and death following. But I’ve read it’s not a pleasant death if there ever was such a thing.

Paracetamol kills your liver, makes it stop functioning and causes unconsciousness, probably coma and sure death. Paracetamol should be taken off the drugstore stands but the pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful corporation in the world.

Large portions of distilled alcoholic drinks can kill too and for sure. I’m the guy with the Paracetamol tip. Two or three bottles of whiskey taken in less than 24 hours plus some antidepressants or antipsychotics will do the job just fine. Trust me. Alcohol alone will get you into a coma and will probably kill you afterwards. But be careful not to have the unpleasant experience of surviving. Make sure you’re gonna die, because those large doses of alcohol will fuck up your brain permanently if they don’t kill you. Choose to die, not to become a screwed up moron and a burden for your family.

then purchase a cheap ratchet tie down, they sell them at the dollar stores, wrap it around your neck and tighten, even if you change your mind you’ll never get it off so be sure. .

BUT before you do. think about the people in your life now and in the future that you could have made a difference, a little smile, a compliment, something that made that persons day. or maybe the people left behind who cared and loved you and the stigma you will leave them with from your suicide but you can’t see that right now, the neurons in your brain aren’t making their connections, you are in a fog or you wouldn’t have these thoughts

i am not trying to talk you out of or root you on just give you something to ponder.

i myself have come close to beaming myself off our planet many times but one thing has always prevented me, the thought of what happens after we die? what if we do have a soul? and if we do how are people who take their own lives treated? i’ve always envisioned being buried to the neck while all the “normal” people walk on us forever!

anyone who is on seroquel does need it. You cannot judge others because they take it. Seroquel is used to treat a variety of mental illness, not just bipolar. If your children are bipolar, you cannot tell me that they havent at least once thought of killing themselves? Do not judge people for their pain, because everyone is different. Walk a mile in a rape victim/domestic violence victim’s shoes for a day and see if you want to live another day. I could never encourage suicide. But there are people out there who need a way out and see it as their only and/or easiest option. Seroquel is not a good way to end it. The best way is hanging. if you jump from a high stool and put the knot on the left side of of your neck, your neck should snap. Otherwise its a ten minute wait while you suffocate.

Hmmm 42000 mg on hand but reading this I think it would not be worth trying. Thanks all, sounds like there are better ways to go. To the person who preached about hell don’t you think there is a loving God who understands? If people put animals to sleep for suffering but make humans live it all out what does that make us? And a disease of the mind causing incredible pain is a slow suffering death of a person as much as any physical illness. True, what would we leave behind and who might we hurt? But don’t judge what you don’t know and for the rest of us here’s hoping for a better answer before we tie the noose or fire the shot or swallow our death. If not, here’s hope for success to end perpetual suffering.

For those of you who have not already killed yourself: PLEASE don’t do this! I know life can suck at times and it feels like you can’t go on. This is coming from someone who had hardly any friends as a kid and never had a girlfriend and suffered various other problems. I know how it feels, I’ve been there! And let me tell you, it gets better! I now have plenty of friends and a wife and several kids and we live middle class lives. I found God and His Grace helped end my depression and suicidal thinking and even attempts. And I’m not here to condemn or talk about Hell; I believe in a merciful God, who will forgive the sin of suicide. But that same God has a plan and a destiny for you, specifically you, and even though it seems unfair at times, you have to be strong and push through. In the end, you’ll be a better person for it. It’ll all be alright, I promise. Just remember that someone, somewhere loves you and really cares. And although I’ve never met any of you, I am one of them! Please, please, please, please, please don’t do this! It WILL be alright, have faith!

I have 96 (300 MG tablets of Seroquel) ready to go and I am confident that when I take the 28,800 MG of Seroquel that I am about to die fairly quickly. I am tired of not getting SSI income and my life if just not worth it even if they gave me millions of dollars. It was never about money or success and especially not fame,
mens cheap timberland boots How Much Is a Lethal Dose of Seroquel
but I believe I could’ve better attained the things if people had treated me better and with more respect. I already have my will on my desk and ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me.

i can on here to figure out how muuch itd take if i finally decided to off myself wiith my moms meds. but reading all these people taking about failing at it and wanting to die, made me so upset. for meh for them its suuch a horrible thing. you may not know it but people do love you and need you. i only realize it when my depression fogg lets me think riight. im 16 years old and ive had depression from as long as ive know it been thinking of ways to kill myself since 4th grade maybe younger, always trying to think of a less painful way the fastest way, the more definite way, a way my mom would find meh and it not be so awful because of blood. the one thing ive learned is that things always get better, it just takes tiime, and sometimes things are gonna get worse before they get better, but theres one thing you cant stop in liife and thats change so nothing can stay bad forever. these words dont always help saying or hearing but its true. . always complement yourself stay as positive as possible. ive been trying hard to not get upset about little things and deal wiith bad things wiith out pot. help a lil i dont always feel as sad. im 16 grew up wiith a great family(well up untill two years ago), i just hated myself eeverything about meh, still do thats why im on this dummb page. but not wanting people i dont even know not to kill themselves has made meh wanna try again, cause i know at lest one person will miss meh i know someone will miss you. liife isnt great, i hate liife it seems pointless what we do, but thats it you dont have to do what people expect you to do, do what makes you happy. jobs such, yeah. but why do we need such big houses? im happy wiith my small apartment, or sharing a bedroom wiith my bestfriend in a house full of drunks because i have my friend, im doing what i want. stopped doing what makes me fit in. by the way drama never ends. my mom almost 40 she has the dumbest drama ever if at her old work. so just care dont focus on doing shit for other people be a lil selfish and when you put something nice on do it for you. when you do your hair do it for you, or your makeup for you. jobs are hard to find riight now, but even though my mom losing our apratment she still finds room to forget and hangout wiith friends me lil sis just forget and enjoy herself for a little biit. idk. hope these help one person. i kept losing my train of thought.

To all those who say people who truly want to end their life is bullshit and they should shut up. unless you have been in their shoes and know how they feel, then you are the one who should shut up. If I had only 6 months to live due to cancer and knew the last few months were going to be so painfull and my family would have to watch me slowly die, I would have the most amazing day with the most important people to me and I would end it when the pain started. So unless you know how it feels to wake up and to the point where life is unbearable. SHUT THE F UP!!! What ppl need is someone they can talk to openly about how they feel. There may be a way out, but because they arnt able to be open without being thrown in the nut house or put on heavy meds,they need actual support. Try being kidnapped and raped for 2 years everyday and beaten, then one day you get away, how long do you think you could handle your friends telling you to “JUST GET OVER IT”. So try being a friend and listening without judging or putting people down. If you were judged just by the stupid things youve done or mistakes you made only, instead of who you are inside, what would be said about you. Judge yourself before anyone else, and dont try to say you havnt any mistakes, everyone does. Wether its saying something to someone that you regret later, or taking something from someone, everyone has mistakes they have made. Look in the mirror and judge your own f’ups first.

I am a mother of two beautiful boys, they are 3 and 5. They are my everything. I left their father because he was abusive, but never called the police. he ended winning the boys, and me losing cause i am bipolar. You all might think that there is more to it, but thats IT. Now i am inlove with a man who lives in oregon, not nevada. I just wish i was ab;le to hold them one last time. But wont, Nevada’s legal system is bullshit, at least reno’s is. I love you boys, but mamma misses u too much. I may seem selfish, but have your kids taken from you, never being able to hold them again unless u sleep with their asshole father. Goodbye my love, my life,
mens cheap timberland boots How Much Is a Lethal Dose of Seroquel
my children. Love, Renee