timberland kids boots How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself

timberland boot sizing How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself

It has profoundly affected his father and I, his sisters and the rest of the family as well. Please, Please reach out for help if you feel like you are wanting to harm yourself.

I have Congestive Heart Failure. I need a Valve job but I am not a candidate for another open heart surgery. My chest has been cracked open 2 previous times. I am having pain in the same breast that I had breast cancer 3 yrs ago. I have a cough that won’t go away, and have found a small lump near my anal cavity. My first heath episode was when I was 19, with 4th stage Hodgkin’s Disease. I have been sick my entire adult life. Oh, I forgot to mention. I had a stroke Thanksgiving Day, 2013. I am 63 and very tired, and dare anyone to chastise me for wanting to euthanize myself. Walk a mile in my shoes. I weigh ninety lbs, and wish to know how many Xanax 0.5 would it take to end my misery. Please take me seriously, because I am serious.

There are groups you can contact to guide you, and books you can read if that is your choice. Xanex can kill, but it’s not all that common unless you are drinking. The last thing you need is to be put away and loss your dignity if things go wrong, and it sounds like you are grasping at straws. I’m so sorry you are going through this, and I really do not think you are thinking clearly because nobody is chastising you, although I’m sure you know what this will do to those you leave behind. Get more facts, and you might see things better.

I understand where you’re coming from even if others don’t. I’ve been fighting anxiety/depression all my life (50 years) About 8 years ago the IBS started. SEVERE IBS. I’m sick almost every day. Constant nausea and loose stools. The pain is so severe, I just want it all to end. If it happened once a month it would be one thing but almost every day is unbearable. and I have to work and support myself at the same time. So, I understand why you want to give up, I do too. Who wants to live a life of torture? Talking to someone doesn’t fix it. Doctors can’t fix it.

I’m ready to go as as well I wish more were understanding how can I fall asleep and never awake I’m clean from heroin 45 days but the memories consume me I have a husband I love a dog (daizy) I need in my life and a Bff with 3 kids who adore me and me vice versa but without me there problems will stop and they can focus on themselves it’s not my fault they should want my peace I sleep all day and daizy is in a kennal I wanted a home a normal one with my hubby n pup not all this chaos now I feel death is what I missed out on dec 4 it should have been me I have no family I would let down the ones I mentioned but wouldn’t they know I’m finally at peace tonight I hope this works I fill my whole script Monday so not to long write a book about me look me up I love you baby I’m sorry I broke this promise and Sarah you are the best it wasn’t you its my own demons

I been of heroin 8 months keep your head up look forward to another day of being clean an live life day by day life is short live it now that u are making the right steps in life to make a better future don’t dwell on the past because this is now an forever if u take your life how would your kids life be with no more a bf no girl an a family that would be broken you have beat the devil u have faith in your self an higher hopes an just do what u have always wanted an achieve your goal in life an be successful you got it in you I ain’t even made it there yet to be 100 on my feet an been clean out months but hey I escaped the devil an that’s something I treasurer everyday

actually thats a lie. anybody can live and anybody can die it does not take a “hero” to live nor to die. tho u can be scared either of living or of dying. and u can only decide if u will do one or the other. if u will fight the fear or no. cause it does not really matter we r all living and dying right now and we all will die one day so idk why yall make such a big deal if someone commits a suicide or dies other way. its their life and if they were not happy with it why not end it?? they would die anyways just later and they would have to go through some more shit. and honestly what is that good for? nothin . thats all im out and sorry for replying with this stupid pointless comment 3 years after u wrote yours tho i couldnt help it :,)

and yeah maybe im depressed af but at least i see it as it is

I’m gay married to a fantastic woman, I have a beautiful daughter and come from a great family. However, I’m depressed and low because of my sexual orientation and the fact that I cannot come out to my family. I have panick attacks , IBS and problems at work and now I really feel I’m better off dead than being alive ! I can totally understand anyone trying to take their life. I’ve been to therapy and taken medication and I just feel absolutely worthless. I’m fed up of the world and I just want to give up the ghost and Rest In Peace but I’m too much of a coward to do that 🙁 I’ve lived a lie most of my life and still living a lie . I just feel my life isn’t mine ! I turned to religious beliefs and I struggle with my faith too

Peeps who want to die, your life sucks so bad already, devote it all to making money, fuck it sell drugs if you have to if ya cant find work. Then find a way out of the country, if the rat race makes you want to Overdose, go to some where like costa rica and live in a shantee. Everything in your life that you hate is probaly result of the society or culture or lifestyle your subject to. travelling to another far away land and just livin with no cares about tommorow will be your best bet to be happy. Even the animals are different, kill yourself, but dont take your life, re invent yourself and get the fuck away from what makes you stress, there are places where money is not important, there are places where your shit coverd face is exotic and attractive and cruel societies are not the same for every culture. Get laid, and get away from everything else. I have a lot of meds. saved about 90 Ambien and 120 Xanax. I hope it does the trick. I went through a horrible rape trial and am reminded of it everyday. There are many more things that I have dealt with: a death in the family, I went through a divorce after being married for five years. I had dated the guy 5yrs. before that, and all that time (10yrs. wasted). So, before you think people want a sob story, you might need to understand that they live in a world filled with shit. Maybe some people need peace/death. No, I don’t believe in a God or Hell. So, don’t even try to use a scare tactic on me. This life is Hell!

I’m like a lot of you, so tired of life. Lost my ability to love a woman or trust friends cuz I’ve been fucked by so many. I do get laid, all the time in fact. I’ve become a womanizer and I’m ashamed of myself that I can’t fix what makes me that way. Can’t have kids either. So I have no purpose and it makes life very boring, and makes me very bitter. My parents were heroin addicts the first 10 years of my life and I was raised around junkies. My mom is bi polar and my dad is type 2 diabetc. These are my genes. I think my depression stems from being really overweight most of my life. Yet I changed that thinking life would get better. I was 396 lbs 5’9’tall. I stopped drinking everynight and started working out instead. Lost over 200 lbs. And guess what? Things only got worse. same kind of women using except just more than before. I feel like I have no heart left, I’m a 30 year old tattoo shop owner. Sounds like a great gig but its really a big headache. My hands have carpal tunnel and soon I won’t be able to tattoo. Eventually I’m gonna lose my shop cuz the economy is kicking my ass and business is shit. 30 years old. What am I supposed to do then? I wanna get into a career where I can help people because I’m self inspired by my own weight loss. But you have to have money to learn anything. And as I mentioned before, I don’t have any purpose to even struggle to try and make this shit happen. Nothing that makes me feel good. Sex doesn’t even do it anymore cuz its all the same. And I have yet to meet anyone who understands me. I’m not in an irrational state. My mind is a huge mystery to me because I’m a good man but I do bad things. I’m depressed but I know that shit happens. I know I’ll most likely wake up tomorrow and the next feeling ok. But I’ll go to sleep just like this, thinking that I’ve wasted my life and might as well let the rest be gone with it. The worst part about all this? Because I am a rational person, I will never be able to do it because I don’t want my parents and my sister and her family to hurt like that. So I’m stuck in a hell I know I can’t leave on my own terms. And the second worst part is that I don’t like drugs or mindd altering pills and shit like that. So I have to go through all this, with no help. It really sucks. The point is. There is no easy way out. I know it sucks. I have been down that ugly road too many times. I am going back to my sick habits of wondering how much xanax xan kill me or other shit like that. I hate my life. I just want to be happy and at peace. I’m sure that’s all you want too. I just don’t. I’m sorry. I am so sorry your hurting. I’m sorry you feel alone. I am sorry. I wish you had a friend or someone that loves you. Someone who would be miserable with out you. When I wanted to kill myself I never stopped to think of my family. How selfish it would be to make their lives a living hell. Ride it out. Hope your ok now. And I send you my love and prayers.

You people who keep saying, how is it going to mak your loved ones feel. If I had any family or loved ones, I probably wouldn’t be contemplating downing a bottle of pills. I’m not worried about going to hell, because I’ve already lived hell. It’s here, on earth. Keep your fucking comments to yourself, if you don’t know what it’s like to be alone, in pain, both emotionally and physically. You don’t know what it’s like to be trapped in your house because your sick. You don’t know what it’s like for everyone around you is counting on you, but it’s never enough. Fuck all of you with your condescending advice. Y’all sound like a bunch of dmfucking cliches

I understand your pain. All these well wishers and do gooders will never understand that mental illness is the worst disease of them all because no one can see inside your mind. They just throw pills and “talk therapy” at the problem, or put you in the looney bin. Believe me, I know I’ve been through it all. I would rather have cancer than be insane. At least cancer they can treat.

16 years ago I took a combination of 30 Restoril, 50 Ativan, and several shots of high proof gin on an empty stomach . I only weighed 105 at the time. It took awhile, but I finally passed out. My boyfriend found me and called the ambulance. I died and was revived on the way to the hospital.

Woke up with a breathing tube in my throat, lying on a table surrounded by a group of emergency staff screaming at me to wake up. The head doctor was too dumb to notice I WAS awake, and since my lungs were working again, I started to choke to death. I bumped the nurse with my fist to get her attention and she said, “Oh, she’s a feisty one!” and they TIED ME TO THE TABLE with rubber wrist restraints. When foam started flowing out of my mouth, someone said, “Maybe she is choking,” and finally took the tube out. When I finished coughing I cursed them all to hell. They were so indignant, as though I should have been grateful to them.


I have tried taking 200 Klonopin (clonazepam) and it did nothing at all. Xanax won’t kill you, either, no matter how much you take.

HOWEVER: This might work for you, and painlessly. I have taken a combination of 50 Ativan (lorazepam), a fifth of 90 proof gin, and an 8 oz bottle of Tussionex cough syrup. The amount of gin alone would kill most people. I’m a hard core alcoholic and my tolerance for drugs is extremely high, so I (obviously) didn’t die, but I came very close. I told my boyfriend beforehand that if he ever found me unconscious again and called an ambulance, I would kill him and everyone involved after I woke up, so he left me alone. Anyway, this combination would probably work for you even with just a few shots of gin or another strong liquor of your choice. You’ll go to sleep and not wake up. If you don’t die, it won’t damage you. You’ll still be depressed, but intact. It’s worth a try.

You can take all the Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. Benzodiazepines will calm you down and help you sleep, but you won’t die taking them you’ll only waste time and money. You need opiates or narcotics. Flexeril, a powerful muscle relaxant, is a good solution if you can’t get anything else. All you need to get Flexeril is a strained muscle. Ask for 10 milligram strength pills. A bottle of 20 to 50 (depending on your size) will kill you. Wash the pills down with a good quantity of strong liquor, at least 80 proof. Good luck.

I have thought about killing myself since I was 12, I am 30 now. I am tired of the pain that is always in me. I am tired of always hating myself. I feel like depresion is like a cancer of the soul but no one comes to care for you when you have depression like they would if you had cancer. You say cancer and everyone you ever knew comes to show you what you mean to them. Depression is like saying your a sex addict, they whisper behind your back but they make you feel ashamed and don’t show up to help you. I don’t want to get out of bed, have the energy or the desire to get out of bed and everyone thinks I’m lazy. Every night when I go to sleep I wish I wont wake up but no one knows, they just know I’m lazy. From this site I know I wont be using pills to kill myself. All I have is an old prescription of xanax and the last thing I want is to be taken to the hospital and everyone acting like they are concerned about me when all they do is talk bad about me now. I have a gun its messy but effective. All I really want is a way to die that wont hurt. I hurt enough already.

I read all the comments and I didnt see one with the same kind of sad. No one loves me. I thought killing myself would hurt my kids, but I actually no longer believe it would do much more than inconvenience them. They are all I have. I have a husband I have been caring for for 23 years, seems he has a girlfriend, (of 27 years), that can easily take over. I am trying and trying to think of a reason to stay. No more emotional carrots. I was kind of hoping someone would convince me that it was truly a sin.

I have a friend who took a large quantity, he had the bars. big guy, high tolerance. no idea how many but all of what he had. He called me from across the country saying he was about to jump off a bridge. It was daytime. Shortly thereafter he asked me if it was midnite. apparently he looked at a clock and saw 12:00. I said no, its noon where you are. He said he was in a dungeon. I kept him on the phone trying to figure out his location but. he shot himself in the head. Twice. Amazingly and God Bless. He lived. But he lost an eye. If you ask me a bunch of Xanax is more apt to make you do something stupid than to kill you. But I am glad he missed. So is he.
timberland kids boots How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself