new timberland boots i’m not crazy i’m just a little unwell

timberland ladies boots uk i’m not crazy i’m just a little unwell

hahahhahahahhahahaha. comp studs now. had spot check during assembly. i think tt it the first assembly spot check tt we had the whole year! lol. umn. anyways. just now jing came up to the five of us and was like. just now spot check right. who got booked and we were like. booked no one. and she was like. no one and elle said. at least none of us. and she stared at us and was like. YOU ALL DIDNT GET BOOKED hahahahahahhaha. take that jing hiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaa! hahahhaahhaha. feeling very wu liao now. tt guy has not started his lesson. not like it matters tho. maybe i shall attempt to upload my new layout! except tt i have to host the pic first. hmmm. christine is xtra and wants to type smth: “y0o! we learnt jive yesterday! so co0l! swing swing =D ” yeah. so we learnt jive. and we danced to the song tt goes. big girls dont cry. big girls dont cry. hahahahahhahahahahaha. ok. shall ask yanmin to help me put up my layout!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. yanny mini me finished my layout!!! and it pretty!!! hahahahahahah. hahaahahahahha. another blue layout:D i luv bloooooo. it has really pretty shades:P hahahahahaha. and you noe wat i realised that almost all of my stuff are bloooooo! hahahahahha. honestly!!! my bag is blue, my pencil case is blue, most of the keychains on my pencil case are blue, my wallet is blue (no blue notes inside tho), my pouch is blue, the keychain on my pouch is blue, my water bottle is blue, my file is blue, my sch shoes are white with a little bit of blue, my sch u is blue. with a gross tinge of purple. umn. my rooms are supposedly blue. but it is so light tt it looks almost white. umn. yeah. blue blue blue! ooolala! hahahahahahhaha. o yeah, at serene request, i am to say tt my s3 seniors are ultra zai. but i dunno y. hehehehe. yeah. and suatty finally figured how to pronounce jos as in. hosey. hahahahahahahahhaha. since. umn. the previous time our class was leading worship. actually she didnt figure it out. debbie indirectly told her grrr. it ok. we can still call suat josie:) lol.

today was pretty boring. boring boring. but ivan soh wasnt here! wahooooo. and u noe wat miss sandra says tt he taught us smth tt was wrong!!! like. wadahell!!! i wonder how much tt we learnt is correct. hmmm. o yeah. and for jive right, we learnt a bit of jive!!! and jive is sooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!! chris and i rawk. 🙂 grinz. ellen and carol, on the other hand, werent tt successful. at the end of the lesson, they were calling each other imbeciles. LMAO!!!yeah. but i wish tt we learnt jive!!! yup. yup. freaking math test later. will hafta go and revise trig later. boring:(. will study for chinese if i feel like it. which is most prob not likely. haha. and. umn. o yeah. we did the souveniers stuff for raffles program open house on sat. yeah. and rach and i went to the canteen to buy food. then on the way back, i started walking on this uprooted tree. then rach started walking on it too. then i saw kenneth tan staring at us. and sorta walking towards us. so i was kinda like. oiii. rach. we better go. kenneth tan is coming. and the netballers were all laughing at us >_nat munched a cookie1948hr

13 aug 03 wed

yeah so. you noe wat i grown!!! well, i little, but i grown!!! woooohooooooo. i umn. 160.5. hahaha. i noe tt i still short but shut up :S. grow taller grow taller grow taller. and if u are taller than me, dun tag abt it. i happy. but dun talk abt my weight. lol. yupyup. yanny mini has sorta done my layout!!! woohoooo. she done the pic. bleargh. o yeah. and it was deE birthday on the 11th:) so. happy burfdae deE !!! yup. and. today. after pe, christine and i rushed to the bkshop to get batteries for our eng presentation. so now i am effectively semibroke. and it is wednesday. hahaha. shall go and chase those ppl who owe me money. muahahahahahahahaha. o yeah. and then the next block was geog. and suat was telling us abt how liling has tonsilities and so she wont come to school until monday. and i was like. UNTIL MONDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! then mrs mohammad turned to me and asked. u wish tt u had tonsilities too right hahahahhaa. yeah. then it was third block already and we hadnt had reccess yet so naturally, we were hungry. so i was chanting someone abt i hungry i hungry i hungry. and i think jinrou too. and mrs mo thot tt we were weird i think. hahahahahahahahahahahahha. sigh. trig and pythagoras test on fri. diediedie. hope tt it turn out better than the quad and linear graph one. bleargh

13 aug 03 wed

i cant believe myself. when i came home, i had lunch blahblah. then fell asleep. tt was fourthirty. then. i woke up at 745!!! ahahahahahahha. i dunno why i slept so much. didnt noe i was tt tired. anyways. i was having this weird dream. yup. not telling you abt it. HAHA. cos it really is damn spas. and embarrassing. hahaha. yeah. anyways. think tt i will be sleeping late then. might actually be good and decide to study. and i have actually managed to clear all my work, esp tt overdue chinese li jie wen da. which is total rubbish. hahaha. stayed back in school to do tt today. then went home with carol. met her pri3 classmate on the bus, he used to sit next to her. and hse daoed him lorh!!! hhahahhaha. and when he got off the bus, he kept looking at the bus. at her lol. anyways. i think tt he was in my kindergarten class. haha. carol was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy funny on the bus. as in. nevermind. gtg for dinner now. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

12 aug 03 tues

hahahhahahaha. yay. managed to not blog. 🙂 so. umn. on mondayyyy. went to wisma taka and heeren wif chris and carol. on the bus on the way there, christine juniors were standing near us, and. being trackers, they totally daoed each other. hahaha. yeah. so i purposed said really loudly. ey. christine. that day you were saying something about your traaaaaaaack juniors rite then her juniors turned arnd and waved. hahhahahahahhaa. anyways, i decided to continue. wat were u saying arh christine hahahahahha. so me and carol were talking abt how christine supposedly told us tt she crushed her track junior hahahahahah. and chris was so embarrassed tt she was burying her face in her hands the rest of the ride. lol. yeah. and so we went window shopping. and we had yummy yummy haagen daz!!! yeah. i was deciding whether i shud have macadamia brittle or tiramisu, then both carol and chris decided to try tiramisu too! but then i still could not decide. so i was like. if christine takes the icecream first, tiramisu. if carol takes it first macadamia brittle. in the end, chris took it fist, so we all had tiramisu. and it was sooooooooo good:) yay. hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah darling gep juniors. yeah. basically they created some fictitious guy and gurl called dicky and veronica respectively. yeah. and they made the guys crush some of them yeah. it was majorly spas larh. so, naturally we slammed them for it. yeah. and apparently they are disgusted by us. saying tt they are so funky and do tt kind of cool stuff. while we are so nerdy and boring puhleaase! u funky you seriously need to get a life. WE are totally disgusted by your behaviour. i mean like. what kind of despotic idiots do tt kinda stuff man! and we are soooo not nerdy man. get yr facts straight gurl. you, on the other hand, need to get a life. hmmm. tt sounded a little bitchy. watever, i cant believe them man. shakes head in disgust

anyways. had freaking quad and linear graph test today!!! can die man. i looked at the first page and i was like. diediediedie. skipped a whole lot then did the back page then went back to the front page and scribbled some nonsense. umn. i be happy if i manage to scrape thru tt paper man. and a whole lot of other ppl failed our previous test. congruency and similarity! yeah. hope tt i passed. yeah. bleahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. o yeah!!! ellie has been acting a littleeee strange. she keeps talking about everyone charm. for example. christine try to flirt; act naive kind of charm. hahahahahahahhaha. it funny. but gets pretty freaky after a while.

10 aug 03 sun

i feeling kinda happy now. i guess tt i realli am a realli optimistic person. i mean like. my life isnt great or anything. but at least i have one. i not like a complete mugger who locks herself up in her room mugging the whole day. ok. but maybe i shud study harder. hehe. but tt not the point. yeah. i like the way my life is at right now. shant bore u by going into details. haha. listening to eminem now. vulgarities aside, his songs are really nice. and i think tt he is like. really talented. and i dunno. the songs do seem to come from his heart, and contrary to his violent vulgar appearance, you can tell from some of his songs tt he really loves hailie. hahaha. yeah. eminem rawks man! hahahahaha. no one else is blogging. 🙁 well. not enough at least. hahaha. i think tt i seriously blog too much. i will. not blog anymore today. or tomorrow. or on tuesday. haha. i try. anyways, i found the lyrics of a really pretty song tt we sing in church. it called one desire. hahaha. and i really like it:). shall continue with my homework now. but i leave you with the chorus! haha.

This is my cry

Is to be be where You are Lord

10 aug 03 sun

whoops. kind of overslept today. cos my mom didnt wake me up. so i missed church today:( sigh. i still dunno how we managed to get second yesterday hahahahha. but it was kinda cool larh. hmmm. i wanted to blog abt smth but i forgot wat it was abt. grrr. it just slipped outta my mind!!!! i cant stand it when tt happens. anyways. i wanna go watch a movie!!! yeah. and i realised that. i could have watched one on friday!!! 🙁 hahaha. and the singapore chant is soooo lame!!! it like some brainwashing technique. ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE SINGAPORE! ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE SINGAPORE! dot dot dot. OOOOOOO. i remembered wat i wanted to blog about!!! hahaha. i was reading my sister vanity fair mag. which is semi boring. AND. i found my new favourite fragrance! hahahahahahhahaha. clinique happy and clinique happy heart. !!! it realli realli realli nice! not like i use perfume or anything. but i like it! hahahaha. it isnt very strong. not like one of those repulsive grotesque smelling ones. hahahaha. it really really really really really nice. hahahah. yeah and i tore tt page out of the mag. hahahaha. i cant decide which one i like better. happy or happyheart. happyheart is stronger and sweeter than happy. hahaha. the ad says, clinique happy. and now, clinique happy heart. the new women fragrance with a floral heart. hahahaha. but not like i would spend $36.50 on a 1.7 fl. oz. bottle of perfume spray. hahaha. and not like i have the money anyways. and not like i would use it too! hahahahha. anyways. deE burfdae is tmrw! soooo. u can laugh all u want cos i gonna go broke again.:( sigh. but i guess tt i still have a pretty long time to go and get her prezzie. since she is in japan. and exams are like. in dunno how many weeks time. all i noe is tt it is soon. REALLY soon. yay. it still like clinique happy (heart) it makes me happy:) hahahhaa yupz:P anyways, i kinda want to go back to sch now. not the work bit. but the friends bit. u guys noe who u are. and i luv u all. u guys rawk man!:)

10 aug 03 sun

haha. yay. so i ACTUALLY did not blog yesterday:D. which was 6 mins ago! whoopee for me! just finished typing out tt holiday hw. continue the story thing for laoshi. havent used hanshen for so long. haha. almost forgot how too. and my ending bit is sooo super short. like. not even a quarter page when typed out ok. maybe a quarter page. but it was slightly longer than one page on gao zhi. i like gaozhi. makes my essays look longer. i realised why i write such short essays already. it cos after i write a bit, i start to summarise everything bcos i cant be bothered to write anything anymore. so it ends up realli short! hahahahahhaa. yeah. so. today. i had tuition. then bible quiz! hahahahaha. it was quite ok larh. but we got stuck on the first clue lorh! i mean like. it wasnt one on the bible itself. we were basically just supposed to look for the next clue at the concert hall. so we must have spent like. half an hour IN the concert hall. in total darkness. except from the teensy bit of light streaming in from the doors which we took turns to keep open. and then i found this folded piece of blue paper. and i thot tt this might be the clue. then when they all ran in my direction,
new timberland boots i'm not crazy i'm just a little unwell
claire and sarah faces smashed into each other and claire said tt her cheek was swollen after tt. lol. eniiwaez, it turned out to be this scrap peice of paper advertising smth abt acs barkers syf concert or smth like tt. yeah. wat the hell. and it turned out tt the clue was OUTSIDE the hall!!! argh. haha. yeah. then we had to go to the kindergarten class to answer some questions. yeah. then we took turns to go in. there were two guys in side asking us questions. yeah. and after like. 10 rounds, i finally got them all correct. haha. we kinda got mixed up larh i think. yup. and it was quite funny. cos like. we just kept pushing random ppl in our grp into the room. as in like. tt person would be saying. but i dunno the answers! then we would be like. nevermind. and then shove tt person in. hahahaha. and then the first time when i went into the classroom, i got a question wrong. so i was running out. and then i saw all their faces squashed at the window with this weird expressions. that i started laughing. and i was running and i reached for the handle of the door but then i was still laughing tt i missed the handle and crashed into the door. hahahhahaha. yeah. and sarah head banged the door too. hahaha. yeah. i think tt she got a slight cut from it. i think tt we were pretty amusing. yeah. but when they finally let all of us into the room, we got everything right on the first try! hahhahaha:) yeah. then. we had to type our key verse into the laptops assigned to each grp. and i think tt we were first. except tt there was a space after one of the words. and the thing was CaSe SeNsItIvE. haha. yeah. but we still managed to complete it in time. and the grp of boys from my class. were last for everything. and didnt manage to finish in time! haha. yeah. so our church got bombed. hahahahha. yeah. in the end, we got second. can u believe tt hahahahahha. yup. so. tt hundred and fifty bucks for defusing bombs. haha. but then our sunday school teacher told us to split it with the boys cos they had a harder verse to memorise. poooo. o well. yups yups. watched the ndp parade for a while. then it got boring. so i watched totally spies. hahahahahahahahha. but then later my mom wanted to watch the parade so i couldnt watch kim possible:(. hey. stop laughing. they are nice shows ok and my sister says tt kim possible has nice hair lol.:P. bloop. bloop. yeah. AND then. i played risk with my eldest sister and her [boy]friend. yeah. and he kept attacking me wat the hell. i had the WHOLE of freaking south america. then he captured it. grrrrrrrr. yeah so i was really pissed abt tt. and proceeded to attack all the rest of his territories. so my sister and i were attacking him. cos then he kept attacking her too. and i almost had the whole of freaking asia. and my sister had to go and invade my territories. grrrrrrr. so i decided to attack my sister back. and he agreed not to attack me, if i helped him attack her. yeah. so i did. as retribution. for ASIA. the freaking biggest continent, which i almost had the whole of except one bloody territory, which i thot tt she wouldnt spread cos we had a tacit aagreement not to attack each other. yeah. to me, risk is a lousy time concuming game, whereby i do not follow my mission. yeah. ANYWAYS. i decided tt to partly forgive him cos maybe it was part of his mission. so i continued to attack my sister in asia. and he in north america. yeah. so in the end he won. and i was like. baaaaaah. but u noe wat south america wasnt even part of his bloody mission!!! i am so peeved. anyways, my sister is angry at him too. cos she had the entire north america until he ate it up in one go. and won by doing so. yeah. so he is in pretty hot soup. hhahahahahahhaahhaha. well he asked for it. haha. ladida. i think tt i better go to sleep now. still. have. church. tmrw. hope tt i can wake up man. o yeah. and suat, yr plan sooooo did not work. cos it wasnt planned properly!!!. hahahahahhaa. i thirsty. hahaha. had sparkling calamansi drink during dinner. mix calamansi juice (yeo i think) with 7up! it quite nice nice nice:P.

08 aug 03 tues

o man. o man. o man. i so screwed. suat called me on my handphone. so we were talking and talking and talking for so long. then i suddenly remembered tt i was using my hp!!! freak!!! my phone bill is sooo gonna die man. wait. hopefully it is off peak hours now. then it would be part of my 50 or 60 free mins. but if it the standard rate, my mom is dooo gonna kill me. the worse part is, when i told suat tt i was using my hp. she was like. OH. so you have to pay for everything right then she started laughing and laughing and laughing. and i was like. ahhhhhhhhhh. all yr fault. poot. all the radiation is gonna kill me. and my handphone went from 4 bars of battery, to one bar of battery. bravo. ok. maybe from 3 to one. or was it four wadahell. argh.

08 aug 03

ok. my mom is effectively pissed at me for using the computer too much. great. shall attempt to NOT use the com tmrw, if tt is remotely possible. yeah. studying chinese now. not realli going anywhere. i think tt i will go somewhere more condusive to study. ie, not in front of the computer. argh. and of all times some ppl have to start chatting with me. anyways, i was realli bored just now so i was counting the no. of entries i have! here u go. a record breaking number of 133. 134 actually. including this one. since 29 apr (101days ago). i blogged everyday except. 14may, 20 may, 26may, 30may, 31stmay3rd jun, 5th jun, 7th jun, 9th jun, 10th jun, 13th jun, 17th jun, 04jul, 06jul, 14jul. yup. hahahahahhahahahaha. ANYWAYS. yanmin is going to make me a new layout!:) so tt i can archive. deE was supposed to help me make my next layout on linkinpark. but then she hasnt. and she happily slacking in japan. poo. yeah. so. nice yanmin, who is still in singapore, is helping me make one on calvin and hobbes!:) hahahahahahhaha. y bcoz. i think tt they are cute and ppl such as elle, chris, hanx and carie, as well as my bball seniors tell me tt i am like calvin. like. wat hahahaha. but i like calvin and hobbes anyways. so i cool wif it. well actually my bball seniors say tt rach and i are like calvin an hobbes. and when i did the _ ” face, choon hwee said tt i was the tall one larh. righttttttttttt. anyway, i like th way tt he pretends to be a super hero and annoys the shit our of his teacher and his babysitter. and mo, the school bully. hahahahaha. it very funny. hmmm. tmrw is bible quiz. O_O shall go and revise nahum later. dun want suat to kill me if i screw up. hehe

08 aug 03 fri

hahhahahaha. had shatec todayyy. was boringgggg:( sigh. and the food wasnt great either. everyone says tt it is so fun. so i was looking forward to it. bleargh. and the theory part was so boring. it was all the basic stuff tt everyone noes. well at least i theeeeenk everyone noes. ellen said tt maybe they dont. but they were telling u about making reservations and the woman was so bloody lorhsorh. after like. she spent 15 mins talking abt making reservations. and hanx was like. it been 15 mins and we only made our reservation. then approx 15 mins later, hanx said. and now we are finally sitting at the table. and smth like tt. and i was so bored tt i was smsing ellen, who was sitting two seats away from me, about who was hungrier. sigh. yup yup yup. then ellie driver gave chin, chris, carie, jenny and i a lift to the mrt station. ellie couldnt come with us cos she was going out with her senior. i think tt it is really cool the way tt her batch is really close to their seniors. but i think tt our relationship with our