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after tanning, we went out for dinner as a family.

omg, when he walked away the both of us were laughing like mad!i was telling my mum, “mum, drink the coke and tell him, uncle, ni de cock(coke) hen hao he”You are a visionary with courage and enthusiasm if a little hasty at times. Your ambitious nature can be satisfied when you apply wisdom, patience and self discipline to your vitality and zest. You have wonderful way with words and may be drawn to the communications arena where there is the potential for great success. Your generous and warm nature attracts many friends and loved ones.

yes i been quite a bitch lately and now i feel that i should have told her earlier. and helped her. but instead i been selfish. i hope God forgives me. and i hope that now, everyone can give this someone a chance to learn to be a better person! i
timberland shoes on sale i'll be waiting for you