timberland wellies Ice Packs For Heel Spurs

timberland eurohiker Ice Packs For Heel Spurs

If you are suffering from heel spurs, you are probably looking for a way to get relief very quickly. These very painful spurs are cuased by calcium deposits which collect on the heel and form a spur shaped bony protrusion.

They can occur at any age, although if you are a runner there is maybe more chance that you will be affected, especially if your footwear is not of a good standard. As with anything like this, prevention is better than cure so ensure you go to a specialist sports footwear supplier if you are into your running.

Ice packs for heel spurs are a great and natural way to relieve the pain. As it is a natural rememdy, the ice pack can be used whenever required. Some people find that their pain is worse in the morning, so if this is you, then just pop it on for 20 mins or so before you get up and you will find yourself moving around much more comfortably.

You may be wondering if just packing a bag of ice around the affected area will work just as well. The answer to this is NO. A ice pack for heel spurs is specially formulated and insulated so that the coldness does its job but its not uncomfortable to have on. A bag of ice will feel very cold (and wet) after a few minutes and will actually make the foot ache more rather than relieve the pain. Plus ice melts very quickly so you will have large puddles everywhere to clean up. With an ice pack for heel spurs,
timberland wellies Ice Packs For Heel Spurs
you just pop it back in the freezer when you are done and carry on with your everyday life.

Doctors and sports therapists do not recommend using ice treatments for longer than 20 minutes and this is the maximum time you would get from an ice pack, so there is no danger of risk from over icing.

Its important to remember that stretching and massaging the affected area will also give relief. Give your feet a treat as often as you can and either massage them yourself or go to a specialist for an indugent foot treat.

Foot pain makes you feel very miserable and lets face it, our feet do take a lot of punishment so we should not fail to neglect them.

As mentioned above prevention is the name of the game so when you are rubbing in the body lotion (or putting on socks in the case of men not sure that many rub in body lotion!) give your feet, heels and ankle a couple of minutes massage.

However, if you are unlucky enough to find yourself with a heel spur, and want relief from the pain in a natural and non invasive way, look at using an ice pack for heel spurs as this could give you the help you are looking for.
timberland wellies Ice Packs For Heel Spurs