new timberlands Central California speech

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Kennedy proclaims California as a pioneer in developing and conserving its natural resources with an eye toward the future. Gov. Edmund J. Brown’s father, Edmund G. Brown, is standing next to Kennedy because he was governor at the time. “For many years, some believed that the water problems of this state were too controversial and too complicated to solve. They believed there was no escaping the effects of drought and flood.”

Kennedy also proposes improving outdoor recreation areas, making more seashores into national parks, and protecting wilderness as public land.

VIDEO: America’s enduring JFK fascination

The Romero Visitor Center, perched above the reservoir and located along Highway 152, will be featuring the video and additional historical footage of Kennedy and the San Luis Reservoir.

“We are proud to have the Kennedy footage because it reminds people of what a terrific speaker he was, as well as how this was the first time ever that the federal government worked with a single state on such a gigantic project,”Romero Visitor Center guide Jennifer Morgan said.

The San Luis Reservoir holds 652 billion gallons of water and is the largest off stream reservoir in the United States. Construction began in 1963 and was completed in 1967.
new timberlands Central California speech