timberland duck boots Aid Out of Upholstery

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Home Guides Home Home Improvement Home Cleaning How to Get Kool Aid Out of Upholstery Colored beverages such as Kool Aid can leave stains on upholstery.

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It’s no secret that Kool Aid and upholstery don’t mix. The dye in Kool Aid can leave unsightly stains on your furniture, but a little TLC can remove the stains and leave your upholstery looking like new. The sooner you get to a Kool Aid stain, the better you’ll have more luck removing it if the spill is still wet. However, even if the Kool Aid stain is already dry, it’s still possible to get it out, and no one will be the wiser.

1Blot wet Kool Aid stains with a soft white cloth to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Press down on the stain repeatedly, lifting the cloth straight up, rather than rubbing.

2Mix 1 teaspoon dye free dish washing liquid with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle. As an alternative, omit the vinegar and mix the dish washing liquid with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide.

3Spray the solution generously onto the Kool Aid stain and allow it to sit for 30 minutes,
timberland duck boots Aid Out of Upholstery
blotting with a white cloth every five minutes. After you blot, spray on more liquid.

4Fill the spray bottle with plain water and saturate the stain again. Repeat the blotting process until you remove as much of the stain and soap as possible.

5Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean white cloth and blot again if the stain remains. As an alternative, sprinkle salt on the stain, allow it to dry and vacuum it away.

Things You Will Need 2 soft white cloths Dye free dish washing liquid White vinegar Hydrogen peroxide Spray bottle Rubbing alcohol Salt

Warnings Do not attempt to remove Kool Aid stains yourself if you are unsure of the fiber content of the upholstery or if the fabric is antique. Consult a professional cleaner. Test an inconspicuous area with the cleaning solution for colorfastness before applying it to the Kool Aid stain. Do not use heat to dry the spot, as this can set the stain.

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timberland duck boots Aid Out of Upholstery