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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. Akins III is an engaging work that discusses the many issues that members of the charismatic churches or Pentecostal churches face and some suggested solutions based on his sixty two years of experience in the religious institution. Akins III, a son of a preacher who has questioned what was taught on church because many biblical principles and doctrine he grew up in did not seem to be evident in the lives of many church leaders and denominations.

Eugene shares, “The charismatic movement has fostered the use of spiritual, mystic,
timberland shoes online Akins III's Newly Released
almost magical insight as the primary means for our understanding of God and what he wants for us and what he wants to say to us. Discernment is seen primarily as a spiritual gift that only certain people are blessed with instead of the everyday ability to “rightly divide truth” that comes from studying and understanding God word. Unfortunately, this has caused analytical thinking and everyday common sense to sometime, maybe most of the time to be placed on a back burner. We do ourselves a great disservice and many of us walk our Christian lives in defeat for years because we are looking into the sky and waiting for a feeling instead of looking into the Bible and understanding it meaning.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Eugene G. Akins III new book is an interesting work that answers questions about God and Christianity and suggests a thorough study of the Bible in order to have a better understanding of unclear issues that people face in current times and teachings in the church.

His book is a product of his questions on the teachings and methods of teaching of the Pentecostal church. It is his attempt to shed light on the errant doctrine given to its members to avoid further confusion.
timberland shoes online Akins III's Newly Released