timberland tall boots Alaska among top states in illicit drug use

timberland boots white Alaska among top states in illicit drug use

FAIRBANKS Alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs,cocaine andmarijuanaare the most commonly abused drugs in Alaska, according to a report recently released by state law enforcement.

The 2014 Annual Drug Report is issued by theAlaska State Troopers’ Alaska Bureau of Investigation, Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit every year, and tracks drug and illegal alcohol arrests, seizures and usage trends. An introduction to the report states it is compiled using statistics from as many municipal,
timberland tall boots Alaska among top states in illicit drug use
borough and federal agencies as possible as well as “anecdotal information gathered from conversations withthose investigators on the front lines of Alaska’s efforts to investigate, document, and apprehendthose who have chosen to participate in Alaska’s illicit drug and alcohol culture.”

According to the new report, members of Alaska law enforcement and the justice system have long known that “the greatest contributing factor to violent crimes including domestic violence and sexual assault is drug and alcohol abuse. Property crimes such as burglaryand theft are also often related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is the “primary abused substance” in Alaska and contributes to many deaths, especially on rural areas. Bootlegging is a major concern and has the greatest profit potential for those engaged in it. A bottle of alcohol legally purchased for less than $10 in a city liquor store can be sold in a dry village for $150 to $300 per bottle.

Heroin is popular in Alaska, continuing a disturbing nationwide trend. It isprimarily imported into the state by parcel shipment or by drug couriers carrying it on their body. It has been found in smaller communities and its use transcends socio economic boundaries.

Methamphetamine is readily available statewide even though troopers did not investigate or respond to a single report of a methamphetamine lab in 2014. Powdered cocaine is more commonly found in the villages.

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timberland tall boots Alaska among top states in illicit drug use