ladies timberland boots Final School Excavation Report Released

timberland store Final School Excavation Report Released

“We feel like our field work is done. We feel like we’ve exhausted everything that we can do in terms of looking for additional burials,” said Dr. Erin Kimmerle, an anthropologist heading up the effort.

Some of the White House Boys and their families are convinced there are more bodies at Dozier, possibly in a second cemetery. Some want the state to continue searching.

“Please don’t leave those children there let’s find the rest of them, as many as we can,” said Peggy Marx Grifffin, widow of White House Boy Frank Marx.

“There is a grave yard there that has more than 30 graves, and I ask that this does not stop,” White House Boy Charles Fudge told the cabinet.

Attorney General Pam Bondi says several questions remain, including what to do with the recovered remains that cannot be identified.

“I think they all deserve a proper burial, but I guess we have to decide ultimately where the burials should be,” Bondi said. “I’ve heard some people say they want them buried back at Dozier. I’ve heard some say they wouldn’t want their family members back there for anything in the world.”

Some are recommending a memorial and mausoleum on site.

The state hasn’t yet decided what to do with the property.

Civic and business leaders from Marianna offered their support and told the cabinet they are anxious to help bring closure.

“I don’t want to get into what did or didn’t happen. I wasn’t there. I want to say I’m sorry, and let’s get on,” former Marianna Mayor Elmore Bryant said after the cabinet meeting.

There is a bill in the legislature this session that would provide money for families to re bury the remains identified at Dozier. The final report of the archeological work and excavation at the former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna has been released.

A total of seven positive DNA matches and 14 presumptive identifications were made from the 51 remains that were located at the site.
ladies timberland boots Final School Excavation Report Released