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FEATURED ARTICLES ABOUT TIMBERLAND PAGE 3For Timberland, the Great Outdoors Is Overseas : Manufacturing: The maker of hiking boots and other gear cites competition and the quest for improved profitability as motives for the move.


Timberland, the all American maker of hiking boots and outer wear, is adopting what has become a widely used Yankee business practice: By the end of the year, none of its products will be made in any of the 50 states. Competition, consolidation and the quest for higher profits have compelled Timberland to shift manufacturing to Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, said Roger Rydell, vice president of corporate communications. As many as 13,000 tree fallers, truck drivers, mill workers and their families overflowed Pioneer Square in the center of Portland for a boisterous noontime demonstration.

Plastic Lumber From the Heart of Timberland


In the shadow of the last sawmill still operating in this depressed timber town, Werner Zink grinds up old mop buckets and shampoo bottles to produce plastic lumber. Forest Service roads changes that critics complained could transform forests into housing subdivisions. Critics of the proposed changes had included President elect Barack Obama and a Montana senator. Challenge: Introduce the shoe company’s line for fall while making a statement about the brand. The Ads: In an example of so called cause marketing, black and white print ads show Timberland boots and shoes, while urging consumers to do good deeds in their communities. One print ad shows a pair of leather walking boots on a brick step. Next to it is a call to action that says in part: “There was a time when you knew . . .

A Sonoma County supervisor wants to cut back on new vineyards to protect the county’s dwindling redwood acreage. Mike Reilly, recently elected chairman of the state Coastal Commission, is proposing new regulations that would prohibit conversion of timberland to grapes in large tracts of the rural countryside. The proposal would include protections in the county’s general plan.
timberland coupon Featured Articles about Timberland