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According to a story published this month in Psychology Today, UNM psychologist Geoffery Miller and his colleagues “tapped the talent at local gentlemen’s clubs” and counted the tips they made during various phases of their menstrual cycles. Dancers who weren’t on the pill made about $70 an hour during peak fertility, versus about $35 while menstruating and $50 in between. Girls who took birth control averaged about $37 an hour with no performance peak.

The researchers attribute the fluctuations in average hourly income to behavioral and physical changes that occur during a woman’s monthly cycle: ie., the strippers were more flirtatious and sexual during the times when they were most likely to conceive. Or, you know, maybe they were bloated and cranky and didn’t feel like dancing during the other times.

ovulation: ‘It might help to know about this so that you can exploitBut the true moral of this story, naturally, is to use your grant money wisely. Think of all the lap dances those research dollars could buy! Megan Miller

Female hormones cause them to smell and act different. Just before and just after their period and in the middle of their cycle when they are the most susceptible to becoming pregnant, women give off distinctive odors or auras that entice their mates are anyone who happens to be around them. Endorphins cause them to feel good about themselves and to want to please their partner. These are being released at these times. They are also being released when they are lactating or pregnant. (There is nothing hornier than a pregnant or lactating woman.) What I find interesting is that this was a funded study. How do I get a grant to do this kind of research?

As for theory you have to find it yourself. As for practice maybe I could give some help. I found an interesting program on one of the thematic forum recently. It searches for combination automatically. Nice one, though poor in interface.

Program is based on Martingale system with the corrected algorithm. Its based on searching and waiting a series of results (red or black usually). But this one I got is for head or tail.

There were discussions pro and against this soft, but I downloaded it and explored for about half an hour and left it in automatic mode till next evening. What I found in the morning was 250WM.

But use this soft shrewdly, admins in casinos do not welcome these things.

Actually, that is one of the best discoveries ever, though it not a recent one, in principle. Just as a female animal “in heat,” a fertile woman has an increased libido and sends off various signals to men ranging from direct dialogue to pheromones and such.

I thikn a large amount of promiscuity and adultery could be cut down if people just realized it was their hormones talking. I know when I was in high school there were girls I didn find particularly attracive whom I sat next to in certain classes, and, every now and then, I feel a strong desire to have sex with them, and now, as an adult, I know why that is, but it really confused me then.

Practicing natural family planning, and knowning my wife fertility, I come to be aware of how her fertility makes me feel. When I in public, and particularly when I teaching, and certain feelings start coming over me, I just think, “Hey, that girl must be ovulating!”
timberland desert boots Fertile Strippers Make More Money