timberland kids boots uk fi burlesque boldly goes to The Marlin

timberland bluewater fi burlesque boldly goes to The Marlin

FAIRBANKS Weird science just got weirder.

In a twisted mashup of “Star Wars” meets “Star Trek”and possibly”Aliens”taking on “Alf” with maybe a sprinkling of “Barbarella” going full “Blade Runner,” an interstellar science fiction themed burlesque is opening tonight for a three show run at The Marlin, 3412 College Road.

It’s called “Stranger Thongs,” and it’s more than just a pop culture filled evening referencing sci fi classics. It is, as creator and choreographer David Leslie calls it, a “sex positive variety show,” adding, “Can you put ‘sex’ along with ‘dirty’ and ‘butts?'”

Leslie is known for his dance and choreography work in Fairbanks, having worked with theater and dance groups in Interior Alaska for almost 10 years now. He’s also produced and choreographed “The Hot Mess Burlesque,” an annual summer burlesque performance presented by the philanthropic group Angry, Young and Poor. Wanting to take the idea of dance and burlesque a little further, he andcreated Daddy D’s Dirty Dancers,
timberland kids boots uk fi burlesque boldly goes to The Marlin
the performing group entrenched in “Stranger Thongs.”

The idea behind a three night run something rare for burlesque shows in Fairbanks is simple. He’s looking for a betterreturn on his investment.

“Usually, it takes a lot of effort for a small routine, so I wanted the choreography to hold up for more than one show,” Leslie said. “I’m trying to elevate burlesque and choreography and give it a multi night run.”

The performance includes seven dancers, eight with Leslie on board, and consists of 12 acts. You can expect a takeoff on killer aliens,tormented robots and freaky science with riffs on movies, literature and popular TV shows. After each performance, different entertainment options take the stage at The Marlin, including a karaoke night tonight, Songweeds and Friends on Friday and DJ Cosmic Owl on Saturday.

“It’s kind of my next goal as a choreographer to produce a multi night show and to pay my dancers,” Leslie said. “Being able to do a show in this town and actually pay your dancers and performers is rare,
timberland kids boots uk fi burlesque boldly goes to The Marlin
and I want to have good choreography and be able to pay them. This is me trying to make a better show.”