timberland splitrock boot Featured Articles about Hill Street Blues

used timberland boots Featured Articles about Hill Street Blues

New Times, New Faces In Fall Lineup

By JAMES ENDRST; Courant Columnist, May 24, 1996

Because I’m going to assume you have a life, I’m guessing you haven’t heard everything you need to know about the 1996 97 fall season. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of time to take it all in. As you may know, the Big Four ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox recently announced their fall lineups. But even die hard industry watchers aren’t bothering to commit much to memory. Why should they? Titles, stars, time slots, producers and who knows what else will change by the time September rolls around.

The Plot Thickens, Slowly, On Murder One’

By James Endrst; The Hartford Courant, July 21, 1995

ABC’s “Murder One” could be a killer show. Law”), a man considered by many to be one of the most innovative and exciting producers in television history. It’s a show with a daringly different approach: one murder, one case, unfolding over the course of an entire season. It has a dynamic and unusual star at its center in Daniel Benzali, best known for his portrayal of a mob lawyer on “NYPD Blue.”Nbc’s Homicide’ Probably Can’t Live Up To All The Hype

By JAMES ENDRST; Courant Television Columnist, January 29, 1993

I know what I’m supposed to say about “Homicide: Life on the Street,” the new NBC drama series that kicks off Sunday night right after Super Bowl XXVII if, that is, I want to hop aboard the critics’ bandwagon before it’s too late. Actually, I’m looking for their stories combing through the headlines, police blotters, the usual haunts. I know I’m going to find one that’s going to make me rich if, that is, I decide to sell my soul, move to Hollywood and catch the next big crime wave of madeforTVmovies. Everybody’s doing it. So believe me, I’m giving it some serious thought. Come on, that’s where you find the fame, the fortune, the People magazine covers, all of it. But underneath that 1959 mystery that a down on his luck detective (Adrien Brody) tries to unravel is one of the smartest movies about fame and Hollywood to come along in ages. Go ahead, crave the fame, the movie says. But ask, “How much is enough?” Service the career, but decide, going in, where you draw the line, morally. And figure out, in advance, how you would deal with the label “has been” or “never made it” when people apply it to you. Law” to “NYPD Blue” has proved he can operate more than one show at a time. As the first season of “Over There” ends tonight with a spectacular battle, there’s no guarantee it will be back for a second.Noah’ Needs Dramatic Ballast On This Family Ark

The road to programming hell is paved with good intentions. Case in point: “Second Noah,” a new ABC drama that makes its debut Feb. 5. With the public, the Congress and the president in an uproar about violence on television, the death of the family hour and the decay of prime time standards in general, more and more programmers are eagerly positioning themselves as champions of G rated TV. But beware. G TV isn’t necessarily good TV.
timberland splitrock boot Featured Articles about Hill Street Blues