timberland euro sprint white Deadly South Carolina Amtrak Crash Is Fourth in Two Months

timberland womens boots sale Deadly South Carolina Amtrak Crash Is Fourth in Two Months

CAYCE, S. C. Sunday train collision in was the fourth fatal incident involving an Amtrak train since the start of December.

The circumstances surrounding each crash vary; in two cases, vehicles appear to have driven around the lowered arm at a train crossing. Sunday in Cayce, , Amtrak officials said. The passenger train had been diverted off the main track onto a rail siding, where it crashed into a stationary freight train, a National Transportation Safety Board official said.

Local officials said 116 people were injured and taken to local hospitals. Eight crew members and 139 passengers were on the Miami, Florida bound train, Amtrak said.

The victims were identified as train engineer Michael Kempf, 54, of Savannah, Georgia, and a conductor, Michael Cella, 36 of Orange Park, Florida, according to Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher.

Amtrak Train 91 was heading southbound and should have continued straight along the tracks, but the rail switch had been manually set to send the train onto the rail siding, where the CSX train was parked, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said Sunday.

to that investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way,
timberland euro sprint white Deadly South Carolina Amtrak Crash Is Fourth in Two Months
Sumwalt said.

Sumwalt said the crash could have been avoided ifpositive train control or PTCtechnology, which can automatically slow down a speeding train, had been in place.

Amtrak President and CEO Richard Andersonsaid the railroad is owned by CSX, which has complete control of the track, signals and switching where the crash occurred.

Investigators looking into the crash are focusing on the actions of the driver of the truck, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

Eyewitnesses have told NTSB investigators the truck driver was seen trying to snake his way through the crossing gates, despite signals that included lights warning of the oncoming train, two sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

Anderson told reporters on Sunday that the garbage truck bypassed the crossing signals in the collision. He said Amtrak and transportation and rail officials have to invest more in technology to make the crossings safer and educate people about them.

issue you had last week was highlighted because there were many Congressmen on that train, he told reporters. I can tell you that happens almost every day somewhere in America and it has to do with people trying to drive around the arms that are down just like this garbage truck did and ignoring the bells and whistles that are telling you to stop because a train coming. Both were in their 60s. It appears the SUV had driven around the lowered crossing arm, WNCN reported.

Whitakers police told the station a witness confirmed Dorothy Lyons was driving. Police didn know then why she drove around the crossing arm.

The couple couldn get out of the way in time to avoid the train, which was traveling about 55 miles per hour, the station reported. Both died at the scene.

Lyons church stood about 200 yards from the train crossing, according to WNCN.

The locomotive engineer told the NTSBthe train was traveling at about 80 miles per hour as it passed milepost 15.5 on the route, the NTSB said. He told the investigators he had planned to start braking about a mile before an upcoming curve with a 30 mph speed restriction at milepost 19.8, the agency said.

The engineer said he saw mileposts 16 and 17, but did not recall seeing milepost 18 or the 30 mph advance speed sign two miles before the curve, the NTSB said.

engineer said that he did see the wayside signal at milepost 19.8 (at the accident curve) but mistook it for another signal, which was north of the curve, according to the NTSB.

The engineer saw the 30 mph sign at the entrance to the curve and applied the brakes shortly before the train derailed, tumbling off the overpass as it entered the curve, the NTSB said.
timberland euro sprint white Deadly South Carolina Amtrak Crash Is Fourth in Two Months

tan timberland boots Details emerge about Charleston church shooting suspect Dylan Storm Roof

timberland ladies snow boots Details emerge about Charleston church shooting suspect Dylan Storm Roof

CHARLESTON Dylann Storm Roof turned 21 in April, his father bought him a .45 caliber gun, a senior law enforcement source briefed on the investigation said Thursday.

It not known whether that handgun was used when Roof allegedly opened fire Wednesday night at a prayer meeting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine people.

rape our women, and you taking over our country. And you have to go, Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of the church slain pastor, said the gunman told his victims, according to CNN affiliate WIS. She cited survivors of the shooting.

In the sparse details that have emerged about his life, none would suggest that he was capable of such hatred and violence.

Police in his hometown of Columbia about 120 miles northwest of Charleston obtained a warrant for his arrest in early March. He had been picked up by police on drug charges a few days earlier at Columbiana Centre mall, according to a police report.

Workers at two stores told mall security that Roof was acting strangely, asking of the ordinary questions such as the number of sales associates and what time they left the mall, the police report said.

When a police confronted him, Roof speaking very nervously and stated that his parents were pressuring him to get a job, according to the police report. Roof told the officer that he had not picked up any employment applications.

Roof initially said he was not carrying anything illegal. But after he agreed to be searched, the officer found small unlabeled white bottle containing multiple orange square strips in his jacket, the police report said.

Roof told the officer the bottle contained Listerine breath strips.

When the officer asked again, Roof said the strips were suboxone, which is used to treat opiate addiction, according to the police report. Roof said he got the strips from a friend.

Though Roof was arrested on a drug possession charge that day in late February, it unclear why the March 1 arrest warrant was issued.

On April 26, police were again called to Columbiana Centre because of Roof, who had been banned from the mall for a year after his drug arrest, a police report said. The mall ban was extended to three years.

Roof was arrested that day in late April on a charge of trespassing; his car was turned over to his mother. The disposition of that case is also unclear.

John Mullins, who attended White Knoll High School with Roof, told CNN on Thursday that the suspect sometimes made racist comments and was of wild but not violent. Mullins also said Roof had some black friends.

was calm, Mullins said. why all this is such a shock. repeated the ninth grade at White Knoll High School in Lexington County, according to Mary Beth Hill of the Lexington School District. She described him as transient, adding that he and went. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R South Carolina, said his niece, Emily, was in an eighth grade English class with Roof.

was quiet, strange, very unsocial and everyone thought he was on drugs, Graham said of the suspect, relaying the description from his Emily and sister Darline Graham Nordone.

The niece did not recall Roof making statements related to race, Graham said.

just think he was one of these whacked out kids. I don think it anything broader than that, said Graham, who is running for president. about a young man who is obviously twisted. Wednesday night, the white and slightly built gunman was at the historic African American church for about an hour, attending a meeting with his eventual victims, before the massacre, according to Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen.

Witnesses told investigators the gunman stood up and said he was there shoot black people, a law enforcement official said.

The victims killed because they were black, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis told CNN on Thursday.

Investigators are looking into whether Roof had links to white supremacist or other hate groups, a law enforcement official said. There is no indication so far that he was known to law enforcement officials who focus on hate groups.

Roof was armed when he was arrested Thursday in Shelby, North Carolina about a 3 hour drive north northwest of Emanuel AME Church, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation. It not clear if it the same firearm used in the shootings.

Police had earlier said that Roof, of Lexington, South Carolina, might have been driving a black Hyundai with vehicle tag LGF330. He was arrested after a traffic stop prompted by a tip from a citizen, police said.

Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen told a news conference that officers obtained surveillance videos of the suspect in this case and a suspect vehicle. said the suspect was a white male between 21 and 25 years of age, 5 foot 9 in height and a very distinctive sweatshirt that has markings. emphasized the suspect is very dangerous individual. spared by shooter to give account?

A female survivor told family members that the gunman told her he was letting her live to tell everyone else what happened, Dot Scott, president of the local branch of the NAACP, told CNN.

Scott said she had not spoken to the survivor directly but had heard this account repeated at least a dozen times as she met with relatives of the victims Wednesday night. Scott added that she didn know if the survivor had ended up at the hospital or being questioned by police.

Because of the church historic significance, it is not unusual for visitors, whether white or black, to visit it, Scott said. She said she had no indication that any children were among the victims.

Mullen told the news conference the suspect had been in the church attending a meeting that was going on and there almost an hour with the group before the actual event. he declined to comment on whether the suspect had let one woman escape.
tan timberland boots Details emerge about Charleston church shooting suspect Dylan Storm Roof

timberland shoes uk DEEMI continues search for missing MMA student

timberland pro DEEMI continues search for missing MMA student

ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) Down East Emergency Medical Institute is a private, non profit volunteer organization that provides search and rescue services in the State of Maine and throughout New England.

They’re based in Orono, and specialize in finding missing, at risk people.

Justin Faloon, a Section Leader for DEEMI said their volunteers come from all walks of life and all different types of backgrounds. They carry a wide variety of certifications and employ different types of technology.

Faloon said DEEMI comes in during a search, assists and they continue on for as long as they presume reasonable after officials have called their searches off.

On Thursday, they spent the day continuing the search for David Breunig, who was last seen late Friday night leaving a party in Orono. They used ground teams, infrared technology and even a K 9 team which is scent specific and is cross trained in cadavers. Faloon said that DEEMI is affiliated with the dog team, V K 9. He also said that they are searching “areas of interest.” Searches have been taking place from Bucksport to the Orono area.

Faloon said they are staying as positive as possible in the search for Breunig, even though searches do take an emotional toll on them.
timberland shoes uk DEEMI continues search for missing MMA student

timberland cabot boots Day care security addressed after intruder grabs children

timberland mens boots uk Day care security addressed after intruder grabs children

Harrisburg Police arrested Michael McQuay for breaking into the Growing Adventures Daycare on the 2000 block of Market Street. Police say he grabbed a five year old girl. He was also seen shaking children. Police were able to tase McQuay and the child was released, uninjured.

Police say his use of synthetic marijuana could have something to do with his behavior, but the incident’s still under investigation.

On North Third Street, assistant day care director at Tiny Learners Early Learning Center, Terika Poteat says safety comes first. She says, “We keep our classrooms closed, we keep our door locked at all times, so I think it’s important to have a place, so everyone knows what to do at that time.”

Poteat’s addressing safety measures in case of emergencies. She’s concerned over Wednesday’s intrusion at the Growing Daycare. Poteat says her staff members are prepared for unexpected visitors. “Anyone who wants to enter the building has to ring the buzzer.”
timberland cabot boots Day care security addressed after intruder grabs children

timberland heeled boots Denmark’s Rick Diny Named Packers H

timberland mens coats Denmark’s Rick Diny Named Packers H

Rick Diny, head coach of the Denmark Vikings, has been selected as the Green Bay Packers High School Coach of the Week for the week ending Oct. 27, the Packers announced Tuesday.

The Vikings blanked Winnebago Lutheran, 42 0, in the first round of the WIAA Division 4 playoffs. Diny’s squad finished the regular season 6 3 (4 3 Packerland Conference). The Vikings compiled a record of 2 7 in 2003. Diny’s selection of Coach of the Week keeps alive the tradition of one Brown County school receiving the award since the award went statewide in 1999.

“It’s an honor to win this award,” said Diny. “We have been playing really well as a team defensively. We’ve been shutting teams down, only giving up 110 yards rushing and 10 points a game. Offensively we’ve been averaging 280 yards a game. It’s been a real joy to coach the kids.”

Diny has six assistant coaches, Richard Jonely, Kory Pontbriand, Brett Boardewilk, Dale Whipp, Gerald Rosek and Max Roth, on staff for his program of 78 players, 33 of them on the varsity team. Denmark High School has an enrollment of 551 students.

Before becoming the head coach for Denmark in 2002, he first served as an assistant for Manitowoc Roncalli from 1991 2002. He has taught math for 14 years.

Diny is a 1986 graduate of De Pere Abbot Pennings, where he played football for coach Al Groves. He also was a member of the track and field team.

Diny and his wife, Laurie, have a daughter, Emily, and two sons, Jacob and Caleb. Diny was born in Green Bay.
timberland heeled boots Denmark's Rick Diny Named Packers H

sale timberland boots Deal with county rejected

timberland atrus tall boot Deal with county rejected

City commissioners voted 4 2 Monday to support a five year economic services agreement between city and county, but the contract needed five votes to pass.Commissioners Richard Lewis and Brian McGillivary voted against the economic services contract, saying they needed to know more about the arrangement. City Manager Marty Colburn has proposed adding an economic development director to city staff for more than a year, but McGillivary said he hadn’t expected to see an agreement on Monday’s meeting agenda.”I’m not ready to support this, I still have questions that need to be answered,” McGillivary said. “I’m not saying I’m totally against it.The economic services agreement would’ve flipped around current arrangements between the city and county, Colburn said. Grand Traverse County would’ve transferred brownfield administration duties countywide, including in city limits, to a city office. About 85 percent of current brownfield projects are in Traverse City.Grand Traverse County would forward up to $165,000 annually to the city, plus $10,
sale timberland boots Deal with county rejected
000 for business growth activities, Colburn said. The city’s economic development director would work with the county’s Economic Development Corporation jointly on projects in the city and county. He proposed staffing it with a department head and part time assistant. Either party could back out of the deal with 120 days’ notice.Commissioner Brian Haas said he believes the deal would provide needed leadership in a crucial role.”When we have business groups like Eighth Street reaching out for help, they’re ready, they want to redevelop their corridor and we don’t have the capacity for that,” he said. “But that’s exactly what we need to continue the services of the city and to reinvest in our city.”The draft agreement, which would’ve required county commissioners’ approval, was strong enough to earn Commissioner Tim Werner’s support, he said. That’s even though some the final details still needed settling, he added.Chris Forsyth, Grand Traverse County’s deputy civil counsel, suggested a joint meeting where both city,
sale timberland boots Deal with county rejected
DDA and county leaders hammer out an agreement.

timberland luggage Detroit police search for missing 9

ebay timberland Detroit police search for missing 9

DETROIT Detroit police are looking for a 9 year old boy who never returned home after trick or treating Wednesday night. in the 2500 block of Calvert. He told his mother he was going to meet up with friends.

Washington says neighbors told her that they saw Young last night at a church Halloween party on Burlingame. Still, she can’t find him and doesn’t know if he went home with a friend from there. “He’s an intelligent, mature and responsible boy,” she said.

There are other issues in the boy’s life that his mother also believes may be coming into play now.

He’s been asking about his estranged father. He does not have a relationship with him, Tywon Young,
timberland luggage Detroit police search for missing 9
Sr., but recently came home with a photo of him.

Washington believes Young, Sr. is living on the city’s east side in a half way house after being released from prison.

He’s also dealing with some injuries after getting his by a car trying to catch an ice cream truck last summer.

“He has headaches at times,” his mother said.

Washington says her neighbors know Young and that they have had no recent incidents of strangers around trying to make contact with children.

He is described as 4 feet 6 inches tall, 79 pounds,
timberland luggage Detroit police search for missing 9
had medium brown skin and a short afro. Police said he has never gone missing before and is in good physical and mental conditions.

timberland ladies boots uk Deepika fell in love

timberland beanie Deepika fell in love

How Ranbir, Deepika fell in love: In their own words

This fortnight, People captures the young romance of Ranbir Kapoor [Images] and Deepika Padukone [Images] in its pages. The couple speak candidly about their five month old relationship that started on the sets of their first film together, Bachna Ae Haseeno [Images], in Syndey.

Deepika Padukone: This goes back to when we were shooting for our respective debut films [Om Shanti Om [Images] and Saawariya [Images]] and we had just heard about each other. We had common makeup artists Bharat and Dorris. Dorris is really fond of us, and she told me that he [Ranbir] is a really sweet guy and we should meet up. Dorris had once called him when she was with me. She said: “Why don’t you guys talk?” That’s when we first spoke and exchanged numbers. A few days later, almost around the same time [July 2007], he asked me out for lunch. He came and picked me up and we went to Celini at Grand Hyatt [Mumbai] for lunch.

Ranbir Kapoor: We just happened to spend the day together.

Deepika (laughs): It was meant to be only lunch; but lunch became coffee; coffee became cheesecake; and cheesecake became movie.

Ranbir: Mr Bean’s Holiday is the movie we watched at PVR Cinemas in Juhu.

Deepika: That didn’t end there. It became a long drive and then he dropped me home. We started seeing each other on February 23, [2008]. It has been a year since we have known each other.

What did you two wear on your first date?

Ranbir: I clearly remember she was wearing a white ganji and white linen pants. She had her hair tied up in a bun.

Deepika: I don’t remember really. He was wearing layered clothes: a T shirt and a half sleeve shirt on top of it. Oh, how can I forget the ugly shoes that he had worn? What are those shoes called?Deepika: Now he has changed, he wears these really cool shoes. But at that point the couple of times we met he wore this pair of ugly shoes. I remember complaining about the shoes to him then.
timberland ladies boots uk Deepika fell in love

timberland womens boots cheap Day Forecast

cheap timberland sale Day Forecast

Slovakia goes from stability to chaos after journalist death Source: AP Romney downplays Trump feud, focuses on Utah in campaign Source: AP Notre Dame’s drubbing provides plenty of bubble intrigue Source: AP Central banker: China can be ‘bolder’ about market opening Source: AP Brutal answer to 1968 Polish youth revolt shown in exhibit Source: AP The Latest: Trump orders tariffs on steel, aluminum imports Source: AP Female firefighter to lead Forest Service amid scandal Source: AP President Trump plans to meet Kim Jong Un for nuke talks Source: AP After Curry goes down, Durant rallies Warriors past Spurs Source: AP The Latest: South wants ‘good outcome’ when Trump, Kim meet Source: AP

North Carolina beats Miami 82 65 and gets Duke next at ACC Source: AP With family returning to Mexico, man in Washington jail wants to be deported Source: Cox Media Group Interior spending $139K to upgrade doors in Zinke’s office Source: AP Does Cohn’s exit mark end of Trump’s Goldman era? Source: AP Derrick Rose signs with Minnesota, reunites with Thibodeau Source: AP Baldwin searches for right path to keep key Senate seat Source: AP Asian shares rise as trade fears on Trump’s tariffs ease Source: AP Serena Williams wins 1st match in comeback at Indian Wells Source: AP School shooting calls released; gun bill on governor’s desk Source: AP Bagley, No. EST Source: AP Luongo blanks Canadiens, Panthers win 7th straight at home Source: AP China accuses Trump of damaging global trade Source: AP Hurricanes Blackhawks Sums Source: AP Winning numbers drawn in ‘Pick 4 Evening’ game Source: AP

Winning numbers drawn in ‘Pick 3 Evening’ game Source: AP Winning numbers drawn in ‘Cash 5′ game Source: AP John Ahrens’ Thursday night forecast Source: WSOC Wynn Resorts settles lawsuit for $2.4B with Tokyo company Source: AP Chaos of school shooting shown in 911 calls, radio traffic Source: AP Winning numbers drawn in ‘Lucky For Life’ game Source: AP Hurricanes Blackhawks Sums Source: AP Hurricanes Blackhawks Sums Source: AP North Carolina A beats Norfolk St., 70 64; faces Hampton Source: AP Babies who look like their dads are healthier, study says Source: Cox Media Group

AP source: Moustakas, Royals agree to $6.5M, 1 year contract Source: AP Democrats’ Texas rift shows difficulty in retaking Congress Source: AP AP source: Broncos send star cornerback Talib to Rams Source: AP Former Asheville officer in beating video charged Source: WSOC Man suspected in two groping incidents at CPCC Source: WSOC John Ahrens’ Thursday night forecast Source: WSOC Huntersville man held on $1 million bond after alleged school threat Source: WSOC The Latest: Dennis Rodman hails planned Trump Kim meeting Source: AP Crabbe has 29 points, Nets beat Hornets 125 111 Source: AP IMAGES: CMPD investigates fatal wreck near NoDa Source: WSOC

Trump says he’ll meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Source: AP Asian shares rise as trade fears on Trump’s tariffs ease Source: AP CMPD investigates fatal wreck near NoDa Source: WSOC North Korea’s Kim Jong Un invites President Trump to meet, pledges to stop nuclear tests Source: WSOC No. 15 Arizona surges past Colorado 83 67 at Pac 12 tourney Source: AP Paper: Solicitor’s records show $932 island hotel spending Source: AP Sub freezing wind chills!! Source: WSOC Former Asheville officer in beating video charged Source: WSOC 11 nations sign Pacific trade pact as Trump plans US tariffs Source: AP US lawsuit: Venezuela cheated of billions by rigged oil bids Source: AP

Suspect pulls police officer inside car, drives up to 71mp after traffic stop Source: Cox Media Group 911 calls, radio traffic show chaos in high school massacre Source: AP Rivas, Davis spark NC Central to 58 56 upset in MEAC tourney Source: AP School board sued over meeting where teacher removed, cuffed Source: AP Freeze Warning Source: Weather Central State lawmakers, White House talk action on sanctuary cities Source: AP White House aide launches first wave in final days PA push Source: AP Huntersville man held on $1 million bond after alleged school threat Source: WSOC Trump orders stiff trade tariffs,
timberland womens boots cheap Day Forecast
unswayed by grim warnings Source: AP Florida governor won’t say whether he will sign gun bill Source: AP

10 Things to Know for Friday Source: AP Mattel in dispute with Frida Kahlo descendant over doll Source: AP CMPD investigates fatal wreck near NoDa Source: WSOC Trump says sanctions against North Korea will remain in place until denuclearization agreement .

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timberland womens coats Dennis Edwards dies at 74

timberland boots 6 inch Dennis Edwards dies at 74

Dennis Edwards, the Detroit singer whose gritty, electric vocals led the Temptations into a new phase of their career, died Thursday night in a Chicago hospital. He was 74.

Edwards, who joined the iconic Motown group in 1968 in the wake of David Ruffin’s firing, was the prominent voice on enduring Tempts hits such as “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World is Today)” and “Cloud Nine.” He remained a staple of the core group through the 1980s, and in the ’90s formed a splinter act that eventually toured as the Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards.

A Motown Museum representative confirmed Edwards’ death. The singer lived in the St. Louis area, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that he died of complications from meningitis, for which he was initially hospitalized last spring.

“My heart is very heavy,” Martha Reeves told the Free Press. “I feel like I’ve been hit by a sledgehammer.”

Reeves said that she and fellow Motown alumni such as Mary Wilson had heard that Edwards was hospitalized, but that details had been hard to come by.

“We’ve been praying that he made a recovery,” Reeves said. “We should all be in better communications with each other, because we’re a family.”

Through the years, Edwards was defined by his boundless energy onstage and off, Stevenson said.

“Here’s a guy who could jump up, sing and dance at any given moment, like there was no end,” Stevenson said. “Which was a good thing. He was always trying to keep things on the up. He was energized and kept a smile on his face.”
timberland womens coats Dennis Edwards dies at 74