ladies timberland sandals ‘I can prove it was not Titanic that sank’

womens timberland snow boots ‘I can prove it was not Titanic that sank’

The biggest ship of its kind, Titanic was billed ‘unsinkable’ by its owners White Star Line. But on April 15, 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, with the loss of 1,517 lives However, according to Mr Gardiner, 64, the ship that sank was not Titanic at all it was Olympic, her sister ship, in what was planned as one of the world’s greatest insurance frauds.Mr Gardiner, 64, a plasterer and father of one from Barton, said: “My new book, The Great Titanic Conspiracy, has new, conclusive photographic and documentary evidence of the swap of Olympic and Titanic.”This was collusion, conspiracy and cover up on an unprecedented scale.”The evidence is overwhelming; eyewitnesses themselves describe running along Titanic’s decks,
ladies timberland sandals 'I can prove it was not Titanic that sank'
but where they said there were promenades, there should have been cabins.”And while survivors on B Deck described seeing lifeboats being lowered from above, there’s no way they would have seen that on Titanic only on the ship Olympic.”You only have to look at the ships’ specifications to see the ‘Titanic’ passengers were actually aboard Olympic.”According to Mr Gardiner, the ‘real’ story starts with financier J P Morgan’s takeover of White Star and the Royal Navy’s investment in the company’s new liners as potential troop carriers.He said: “Following the Agadir crisis in 1911, Morgan began to ship gold and other treasures back to the safe haven of the US.”There was also pressure on White Star to make up the cost of the damage to Olympic, which had been damaged in a collision with HMS Hawke, but which the insurance company would not cover.”Swapping the identities of Olympic and Titanic was also the opportunity for Morgan, with the collusion of the British government, to quietly ship 8m of gold to the US.”But tragically the planned staging of the sinking of Titanic, whereby other ships from the company would be on hand to rescue all the passengers and crew, went disastrously wrong and more than 1,500 souls perished.”Mr Gardiner even refutes that the ship hit an iceberg; “The passengers described feeling a ‘shudder’. But if that size ship, travelling at that speed had hit an iceberg of that size, the noise would have been huge and the impact would have hit everyone off their feet,” he said.”I think White Star planned a small collision of some sort and then a straightforward ‘rescue’ of the passengers by ships waiting nearby. Unfortunately, the ship was steered hard left, instead of right and turned away from the rescue ships.”It may also have hit a wreck or another ship. And most of the passengers didn’t stand a chance.”Asked how people react to his views on Titanic, Mr Gardiner said: “I give regular talks and most people are fascinated,
ladies timberland sandals 'I can prove it was not Titanic that sank'
especially engineers who know how ships work.”But this isn’t hidden information I am unearthing.”You only have to read the inquiry notes see how many people’s testimony was strangely ‘stopped’ and look at all the official paperwork to see the ships were swapped.”

timberland discount codes ‘Happy family’ school in Westsyde celebrates 10 years

timberland uk shoes ‘Happy family’ school in Westsyde celebrates 10 years

L’cole Collines d’Or may be small and remote, but the Westsyde school is massive in the hearts of its 45 students and their parents. The school is the only fully integrated Francophone educational facility in Kamloops, and it fulfils an important mandate entrenched in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On Thursday, l’cole Collines d’Or celebrated its 10th year of teaching French to children from kindergarten to Grade 7 in their own language. “And it’s important to make sure the communities can be enriched by the French language.” After a few years leasing space in other schools, six years ago, the provincial Conseil scolaire fran began leasing a Kamloops Thompson School District owned school in Westsyde fully dedicated to francophone programming. That’s made all the difference, according to school principal Ghislaine Varin. “It’s a small school. It’s a very energetic, happy school, so parents come here and it’s like a family,” she said. Among its saving graces is the stability of a dedicated staff said both Varin and Cyr. “We have an exceptional team here of teachers and teachers aides,” said Varin. L’cole Collines d’Or does more than merely fulfil a mandate, it allows French Canadian families to stay in touch with their proud heritage and share it with the next generation, say parents. “It means a lot,” said Sandra Depot, head of the school’s parent advisory council. “It’s not just the language, it’s growing up with the culture and we’re so happy to be able to have this here. It helps us build their background, their history, where they come from.” Grade 5 student Crystal Stobbart stood as one of four school ambassadors during Thursday’s celebrations. She also referred to the school as a happy family. “J’aime beaucoups,” she said. “C’est une petite cole alors c’est comme on est tous famille.” Most graduates go to South Kamloops secondary for its French immersion program, though the school may expand in future.
timberland discount codes 'Happy family' school in Westsyde celebrates 10 years

timberland shoes boots ‘High fives for a Cotswold beauty’

mens timberland chukka boots ‘High fives for a Cotswold beauty’

Fortunately, and unlike some of its more celebrated and insufferably twee Cotswold neighbours, Filkins is no touristy museum piece. For proof, look no further than the odd titled local pub.

With its stone walls, flagstone floors, roses around the door and ivy clad front, The Five Alls may come across like a film set from a Sunday evening period drama, but it is a real locals’ boozer. Its bar crackles with lively banter from villagers perched on stools at the stone built bar all on first name terms with its cheery barman.

But the real reason this 18th century coaching inn and, indeed, Filkins is on the map is its restaurant, with head chef Sebastian Snow at the helm.

The list of accolades is impressive. It was last year named Best Pub in the Southwest region and Best Pub in Gloucestershire by the National Pub Bar Awards doubly impressive as it is solidly in Oxfordshire. As if that wasn’t enough, it came 38th out of the best 50 pubs in the UK in the Good Food Guide and was crowned Luxury Traditional Hotel of the Year by The Luxury Travel Guide Awards.

For a remote spot, it certainly has pulling power, as I discovered on a recent Sunday, while hankering for a decent roast and a blast of fresh country air.

Missing the road sign if indeed there was one we initially flew straight past the village, ending up in Lechlade. Backtracking with more care, we turned off the main road and back 200 years, crossing Entering the village over a picture postcard bridge, there was not a soul in sight but the Five All’s car park was full. Clearly the secret was out if, indeed, it was ever ‘in’.

Passing an impressive meat slicer containing an enormous, delicious looking Serrano ham, we took a table in the corner and instantly fell in love with the place.

On other tables families ate and gently laughed; children, when not eating, busied themselves with colouring in, and couples held hands. The place had an air of refinement but was also relaxed; no stuffiness here despite its gastro reputation.

Unable to resist that supersized ham (‘Imagine the size of the rest of the beast!’ we wondered),
timberland shoes boots 'High fives for a Cotswold beauty'
I started with a few slices (5). It was deep, rich, complex and super salty setting tastebuds alight. Too sophisticated for the children, who are used to blander fare, I ended up polishing off the lot along with a good few glugs of the magnificent draught Five Alls Ale.

For a pub priding itself on its gastro reputation, the menu is refreshingly long, with plenty of choice. Standing out among the starters was skillet roast foie gras with fried egg (12). This was sublime and cooked to absolute perfection the foie gras served warm and melting in the mouth in a creamy explosion of flavour. It went well with a toasted slice of brioche which was both sweet and not too heavy and a balsamic reduction to lend it a welcome shot of ‘tang’. I was in taste heaven.

The others tried a healthier mozzarella, orange, pomegranate, avocado and rocket salad (7.50) which was bursting with fresh flavours, and tiger prawn tempura with sweet chilli jam (7.25). This I was sceptical of, having been bludgeoned with the stodgy supermarket variety at countless social gatherings, but these were quite lovely ever so lightly fried with a pleasing crumb texture and oodles of fresh prawny flavour. A delight.

Then it was on to the main event: the roast. We went, between us, for beef and pork (both 16.50), having drooled over the hefty servings arriving at other tables. The beef was a tender, pink roast rump and came with a Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, root vegetables and a tangy, palate and nasal cavity cleansing horseradish sauce. The pork, a slice of belly, came with the same, though with apple sauce and fabulous crackling.

Both were beautifully presented the meat tender, extraordinarily high quality and local too; the vegetables sweetly caramelised and with just enough bite. The puddings could have been a little fluffier (but then I was raised on my Yorkshire mum’s own creations, against which nothing compares), but it was all pretty close to perfect and well worth the price.

There was also a lot of it. Suffice to say, we couldn’t finish though did make room for puddings in the shape of a sticky toffee and date pudding with toffee sauce and honeycomb ice cream (6.95) which was every bit as good as it sounds and a chocolate fondant with Baileys and milk chocolate ice cream (7) plus a couple of scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream.

I declared the sticky toffee the winner, being just sweet and sticky enough and bursting with warm caramel notes cut through with the cooling ice cream.

After that I needed to lie down. Fortunately I’d planned ahead and booked a room.

There are four en suite rooms above the pub (170 a night B but we checked into a cottage style family room out the back (170 a night B turning a perfect Sunday roast into a spirit raising,
timberland shoes boots 'High fives for a Cotswold beauty'
stress busting mini break and an excuse to join the villagers in the bar for another pint of that lovely Five Alls Ale.

timberland splitrock boot ‘Horse Soldiers’ opens as ’12 Strong’

timberland sweaters ‘Horse Soldiers’ opens as ’12 Strong’

TRAVERSE CITY Area audiences of the new movie “12 Strong” will be scanning the credits closely for a familiar name. Pictures release, which has been in the works for years, hits theaters Jan. 19. But already it has created advance buzz and propelled Stanton’s book back onto the New York Times Best Sellers list. Currently the book is at No. 1 in paperback nonfiction.

“Movies always have this enormous power but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly,” said Stanton, who took time off from new work last week for a Los Angeles press conference featuring movie cast and crew for domestic and international journalists.

The film follows the book’s dramatic account of a small band of Special Forces soldiers who secretly entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses against the Taliban. The little known action depended on the forces’ gaining the Afghans’ trust and getting them to stop fighting each other in order to fight the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies together.

“It’s a different kind of war movie,” said Stanton, an executive producer. “It’s about the relationship these guys created with the Afghans.”

In typical movie fashion the film got a different title from the bok, which was recently reprinted with a movie tie in cover.

“I liked the ‘Horse Soldiers’ title but when I discussed it with Bruckheimer/Warner Bros. films they said it was a decision of the studios,” Stanton said. “They just felt it had a wider appeal.”

The film stars Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) as Captain Mitch Nelson and Michael Shannon (“Nocturnal Animals,” “The Shape of Water”) as Hal Spencer. It also features Navid Negahban (“24”) as Afghan General Rashid Dostum.

“He took an enormous amount of care in creating the Afghan general,” said Stanton, who spent a few days on the movie set.

The film was shot in New Mexico and features battle scenes set against the White Sands Missile Range, an enormous expanse of desert.

“What’s always surprising was how small everything was when watching filming in person and how big it looks on screen,” Stanton said. “To see the horse charges on screen was startling because I watched them being filmed.”

He said other surprises included the accuracy of the costuming and the caliber of the actors hired to play both the Northern Alliance and Taliban soldiers.

Stanton got his first look at the completed film in late November in producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s Los Angeles office.

“It was amazing and fun,” said Stanton, who invited Anne Cooper, his friend and former theater teacher at Interlochen Arts Academy, to view it with him. “I loved the movie. It was a completely different experience because I’ve never watched something I’d written, as a movie.”

Still, he doesn’t think he’ll fully experience the movie until he sees it with an audience. That will happen Jan. 16 when he attends the New York premiere at the Lincoln Center with wife Anne, daughter Katherine, 22, and sons Will, 13, and John, 24.

Stanton said he feels less pressure for audiences to like the movie than he did for readers to like his book. But he said viewers can’t help but be gripped by the action.

“It’s very intense. It is an enormous action movie but I was thrilled because they stayed so close to the book. Nothing was invented that wasn’t in the realm of what happened,” he said.

Cooper, a Los Angeles area actress and acting coach who teaches in summer at Interlochen Arts Camp, predicts that Stanton will be a “superstar” when the movie opens.

“I think 12 Strong will be a huge success,” she said, adding that the movie helps demystify the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. “‘Horse Soldiers,’ and now ’12 Strong,’ really give one a lot information about our war with the Taliban: The history. The people. The brutality. The culture. The complexity. The landscape. Finally the bravery of our soldiers.

“The movie was a nail biter, but there were moments when I laughed out loud both to release my tension and because human behavior can be funny even in the middle of a war. This juxtaposition is an example of Doug’s genius for good storytelling,” she said.

See it first

A Jan.

But a Jan 19 advance screening at AMC Cherry Blossom 14 to benefit Project Cherry Tree still has seats. The nonprofit works to improve health care, housing, education, burial and job services for northern Michigan veterans.
timberland splitrock boot 'Horse Soldiers' opens as '12 Strong'

timberland chelsea boot ‘Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson talks style

timberland women boots ‘Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson talks style

On the eve of a national press tour to promote “The Hunger Games,” of its stars, Josh Hutcherson, was feted by castmates, friends and well wishers at a dinner celebrating his appearance on the cover of Nylon Guys magazine March 2012 issue his first ever solo cover as it turns out.

“It not my first cover that was Entertainment Weekly Liam [Hemsworth, a Games co star], to have my own solo cover is kind of blowing my mind completely.” all accounts, Hutcherson, a 19 year old whose acting career spans a decade and includes movies such as 2008 “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” its 2012 sequel “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” and 2010 “The Kids Are All Right” should get used to blown mind syndrome, since the hotly anticipated big screen version of Suzanne Collins novel “The Hunger Games” was already breaking online ticket sales a month before its March 23 release.

Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark in the movie, turned out to a PF Flyers sponsored dinner at West Hollywood Palihouse wearing jeans, a pair of boots and a black, hooded Superdry puffer vest layered over a flannel shirt layered over a gray V neck T shirt and nursing a slight cough.

“I’ve traveled for work before but nowhere near this much,” Hutcherson said about the nationwide media blitz that he was about to embark on the next day. “The itinerary is 30 pages and it going to be every day in a different city with traveling [to the next city] at the end of each day. . There going to be a lot of Emergen C and vitamin C and stuff like that.”

He also be packing an iPod (“An iPod is the No. 1 thing 100%,” Hutcherson told us, “You gotta have your music”),
timberland chelsea boot 'Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson talks style
blue jeans (“All Saints is my favorite jean”) and Timberland boots. pretty simple, I don use a hairbrush or a certain kind of hair product,” he said. “I’m all about flannels and layers, so that pretty much what I rock.”

Of course there are occasions when that level of laid back just doesn cut it (such as premieres, press tours and the like), which Hutcherson will be doing a lot more of in upcoming weeks and months. “I love getting dressed up doing the whole premiere look. have a lot of Band of Outsiders shirts and ties they have really well fitting shirts and most of my suits are J. Lindeberg though I have some Z Zegna as well.”

Hutcherson says he been working with stylists (sisters Wendi and Nicole Ferreira, who were part of Melissa Magsaysay recent piece about award season celebrity styling) for about two years. “I really love my stylists, they really get what I like. was with them for about four hours yesterday and tried on six suits all of which are out getting tailored for the press tour.”

And whether it layered flannels or sharp looking suits, Hutcherson is guided by the same sartorial principle: “The most important thing is being comfortable in it, and being yourself and not just being a monkey that they put clothes on.

Adam Tschorn

Photos: Top, fellow cast members from “The Hunger Games” Alexander Ludwig, left, and Jacqueline Emerson, middle, turned out to a Nylon Guys and PF Flyers sponsored party for Josh Hutcherson , right, who makes his first solo cover appearance for the March 2012 issue. Credit: Alexandra Wyman / Wireimage. Bottom, Hutcherson as he appears on the cover of the March 2012 issue of Nylon Guys,
timberland chelsea boot 'Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson talks style
Credit: Nylon

Cheap Golf Shoes – How Buyer Quality Golf Shoes To The Discount

Cheap Golf Shoes – How Pay For Quality Golf Shoes At A Discount
Luxury products like bags, shoes kids timberland boots and watches timberland euro sprint boots timberland sandals are turned out to be the privilege for females. Part of the reason could be attributed to really should house focusing on female fashion but ignoring the fashion and practical demand for men. However, we still have brand like Gucci devoted to timberland logo the male way. Nowadays, the fashion men’s shoesare increasing popular among the fashion men.

Depending on one wants the timberland boat shoes can be acquired many color, design, size and design. These footwear are a lot more restricted become used by people on boats but by everyone everywhere.

Walking is often a nature technique for losing weight. With walking, achievable lose 100 calories by the hour. Also walking can relax your prosure and adjust physique structure. It is far better to timberland euro sprint wear timberland boat shoes cheap timberland boots outside, because new search demonstrate that with high-inch cheap timberland boots for men shoes are going to lose your leg fat qualickly, test have an assessment?

Boots your past past provided some protection against injury and using a certain degree against cold weather. Until recently, had been timberland boots for women holding not location to protect well against wetness. Natural animal skins produce a certain associated with wetness protection since they protected the animals that they came by. timberland mens boots Nevertheless, once natural skins get extremely wet and soaked these people have a tendency to take a long wounding to become dry. Another disadvantage is are inclined to shrink which is not a matter for a boot.

So timberland boat shoes where does one begin? Where do people go nowadays to buy timberland outlet? It was that long since I was at the shoe buying game that I have absolutely no idea where commence. A friend of mine suggested a great retail outlet some sixty or so miles away, but I’m not saying timberland coats really feeling timberland online that if I’m honest. I know what size I am, so I’m considering having a wee the internet to find out if that offers any sort of saving on the high street prices.

Notice the design and style of the shoe. Should the appearance looks too flamboyant or it’s a style timberland boots uk that never seen before, then it’s most likely an artificial. Often counterfeit Timberland shoes use designs how the actual Timberland company by no means used before.

Credible Timberlandca website advertises the boot styles they have and every boot is outfitted using a style group. Each pair of boots has a person number stamped on folks. Timberland boots could be very expensive but some are also timberland clothing available for a way cheaper price. Truth be told, timberland boots for women Timberland boots sales account for a pair of boots becoming cheaper. Either there is really a sale of the boots or they are on discounted rates. Nonetheless, these boots are worth buying and keeping.

Cheap Timberland Boots – Easy To Revival And Discover On The Internet

Cheap Timberland Boots – Easy To Revival And Discover On The Internet
The coming autumn is sort of a child kids timberland boots who often changing faces. Rainy and sunny is often happened 1 day. Lower the temperature isn’t amaze in autumn, heard about coat is general happened by those that working outside. However, shoes for autumn will be important for human life. A shoe that can protect your foot from water and keep warm right through the day round is a hassle to find, general shoes can disappointed people’s marketplace demand. In that way, people change their tricks to boots.

Third, Timberland company products timberland sale for a lot of places as well as other need people today that. timberland cheap timberlands sale can wear in everyplaces. Different timberland outlet regarding timberland sale can show its assist. Like Timberland waterproof boots, very good designed for protect you foot from water. Timberland working boots are disigned for individuals who work whole day outside door. Timberland kids boots unique designed basis on children offer.

Timberland shoes as the recognized brand have a prominent quality and varous style. The area waterproof winter shoes worn for hiking or convinece shoes worn in the wilds, timberland boots for women Timberland provides all people and sizes with various colors. And then, I’d like to receive some of Timberland place.

Right now, for casual wear, try donning a t-shirt along with a pair of semi-fit denims. At this time, slim timberland boat shoes jeans are also fashionable for guys in hip-hop fashion. You can get baggy or thin. It’s certainly selection of whichever experience timberland mens boots comfy being seen wearing. As for the shirt, dress your size truly feel excited about however be positive it’s proportioned with your denims or timberland deck shoes khakis. To experience more relaxing look, consider track or running two-piece suits. For everyday footwear, you simply can’t go wrong with fresh pair of all-white Nike Air Force One boots and shoes. Reebok, Air Jordan, Air Max and Adidas are extremely preferred footwear choices of today’s city male. If you find yourself in a cooler environment, mens timberland boots include the main hip-hop boot preferred by.

The car lingo doesn’t stop there timberland online either. These nifty little timberland boots for women also boast a low profile sole unit likewise. So let me get this straight. My shoes, that have been specifically planned for use all through car, basically have both low profile tyres and air health. I wonder if timberland boat shoes they feature a five year ladies timberland boots warranty and years timberland boots for women free servicing too. Has to be worth an ask.

As we all know, timberland is an eminent worldwide shoe brand and the boots manufactured by it are high-quality and eye-catching. It can be triumphant brand consequently timberland timberland womens boots deck shoes for timberland, keeping its words to consumers is also vital.

You should prepare clothing, gloves, scarfs and shoes when a bitter winter comes throughout. Timberland boots timberland boots for women should be the qualification. You can feel comfortable and safe and sound. You can be elegant and outstanding from significant conference or at banquet. It suits distinctive occations. They fit those who will like pertaining to being fashionable and funky.

Cheap Timberland Boots – Easy To Revival And Have On The Internet

Cheap Timberland Boots – Easy timberland deck shoes To Revival And Find On The Internet
Everyone has heard of Timberland, but did you ever stop to think timberland sandals of the far reaching influence Timberland has experienced on the clothes and shoe area of interest. It is surprisingly far reaching. timberland boots Since they were first set up in the USA in 1975 there search for a buyer base that wants quality has deservedly made them timberland euro sprint boots a big selling brand. And so they also continue to sell well.

When Speed running shoes that you need to try a sports activity or bare feet within the water is pulled.timberland boots uk should be designed, non-slip, comfortable and flexible, along with leave skid marks on the ground in the cabin.

Deck shoes were originally worn only by the sailors but nowadays built worn by men of all of discipline. Meant for casual wear, these shoes go best timberland shoes uk with shorts or jeans and a polo t-shirt. Now, if you are thinking to dash up your image with the season’s hottest shoes hurry up and buy a pair then. You can choose these from a number of collection that make up the online shoe reserves. The Internet is filled up numerous web portals or online shoe shops selling shoes of this style.

These jeans are a popular of actress Katie Holmes who contains similar figure as Kate. The Duchess first wore them into the timberland boots for women Dragon Races paired with Sebago timberland deck shoes and a windbreaker. Then she paired them timberland womens boots with a timberland motorhomes man tailored beige blouse by Burberry. The final timberland online look was with a Smythe navy blazer that featured gold buttons and an unusual all over again.

Right now, for casual wear, try donning a t-shirt using a pair of semi-fit timberland mens boots denim jeans. At this time, slim jeans as well fashionable timberland shoes uk for guys in hip-hop fashion. You can get baggy or slimmer. It’s certainly your choice whichever you are feeling comfy being dressed in. As for the shirt, don the size you encounter happy with however be positive it’s proportioned with your denims or khakis. To produce a more laid back look, consider timberland boat shoes track or running accommodates. For everyday footwear, you simply can’t go awry with a clean pair of all-white Nike Air Force One workout shoes. Reebok, Air Jordan, Air Max and Adidas are very preferred footwear choices of today’s city male. A person’s are in the cooler environment, womens timberland boots include the main hip-hop boot picked.

Timberland boots give unique pure and fresh and natural feeling, at identical shoes you wear time, also accord the particular movement of the imagination. Featuring a retro appearance, wearing comfortably, many synthetic Timberland Trainers.

Carefully stash your high heel dress shoes in the closet ladies timberland boots first and shift your gears to the designer Native Womens Casual Shoes. Appear good with jeans they as well are really very feels good. Choose the best heel height based on your length of one’s jeans. Generally if timberland boots uk the pants are longer than usual, timberland snow boots choose designer casual shoes higher heels. Use low or no heels when the length of the pants is average.

The selection is vast and lots of the pricing is discounted due to the large volume of boots that are available online. The other feature truth that the more timberland boots for women reputable stores provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you are not pleased about your purchase you can return the item for even a full refund. Keep in mind to compare and away each store in-turn to remember the different deals.

timberland boots Activists Detained at Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory

timberland boots amazon Activists Detained at Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory

The arrest and disappearance of activists investigating alleged labor violations at a factory producing Ivanka Trump branded shoes has shone a spotlight on worker conditions in China, though rights groups warn that arbitrary detentions are exceedingly common, possibly involving multiple big name brands that many Americans own right now. President Donald Trump eldest daughter. The firm has plants in the southern Chinese manufacturing hubs of Dongguan and Ganzhou.

CLW executive director Li Qiang told the AP that the three men named Hua Haifeng, Li Zhao and Su Heng be held either by the factory or the police. A police officer telephoned Hua Haifeng wife on Tuesday afternoon to say that he had been arrested on charges of illegal surveillance; the whereabouts of the other pair remains unknown.

I heard the news I was devastated and I refused to believe it at first, Hua wife, Deng Guilian, who relies solely on her husband income to support their two young children and three elderly relatives, told TIME by phone Wednesday. only know that my husband was on a business trip. CLW, which has investigated working conditions in China for 17 years, was due to release a report next month alleging excessive overtime, low pay, and the possible misuse of student interns at the company, which is run by the Huajian Group. First Family could have resulted in harsher treatment for the activists. Guardian. appeal to President Trump, Ivanka Trump herself, and to her brand to advocate and press for the release our activists. consumers purchase on a daily basis. at factories supplying parts for Apple and Samsung smartphones. Late last year, CLW found a slew of labor violations at four factories that appear to produce toys for Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, McDonald and Wal Mart. The firms all insist they abide by international labor laws.

is nothing new, Keegan Elmer, a researcher for Hong Kong based China Labour Bulletin, an independent NGO doing work similar to CLW, says of the latest detentions. constantly find flagrant labor rights violations, and workers working hard to change their conditions, and it all the more disheartening to see global brands staying quiet when the police step in.

Labor disputes have soared in China in recent years as workers become more aware of their rights, organizing to safeguard their interests despite strikes and independent labor unions being illegal in the ostensibly communist state. There were 1.77 million disputes in 2016, according to government figures, representing a rise of 10.4% in 2015 and 2.9% in 2016. China Labor Bulletin uncovered 5,000 strikes or worker protests across China during 2015 16.

Read More: The Men Investigating Ivanka Trump Shoe Producer in China Are Missing or Arrested

As a consequence, global brands have shifted production elsewhere typically Cambodia and Bangladesh eating into the profits of Chinese factory bosses at a time when the nation economy is slowing. State security services are increasingly unleashed to fight the industrial action.

Contacted by TIME, Wei Xuegang, assistant president of Huajian Group, said, not taking any interviews at the moment, unless it is arranged by the government. Late last year, four labor activists were convicted of a crowd to disturb public order for their part in mediating in a labor dispute at Lide shoe factory, which produces footwear for Ralph Lauren, Coach and Calvin Klein. One, named Meng Han, remains in prison.

Workers outside the Huajian factory gate in Dongguan told the New York Times on Tuesday that they routinely work 10 or more hours a day for six days a week. China own labor law sets limits of eight hours work per day.

Out of office hours calls by TIME to the Ivanka Trump brand went unanswered at time of publication. However, a spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by the AP.

Ganzhou Huajian International Shoe City Co. supplies 10,000 to 20,000 pairs of shoes a year for Ivanka Trump brand, though is just one of 15 Chinese factories contracted by the company, which is understood to sell 20 million pairs each year. A company statement said it requires subcontractors to with all applicable laws and to maintain acceptable working conditions. international brands are generally hands off when it comes to these cases, adds Keegan. are in good company in a very bad way. reporting by Zhang Chi / Beijing
timberland boots Activists Detained at Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory

timberland jumper Fiat’s 500L Trekking

timberland boots for kids Fiat’s 500L Trekking

ON THE ROAD: Initially I thought Eric Pickles, but I must admit the looks rather grew on me throughout the test. Maybe it’s because the upright body is the perfect size for a family hold all the tall boy proportions give the Trekking excellent headroom and it’s wider than you expect so there’s plenty of elbow room as well.

The Trekking is supposed to be a crossover that happy melange of MPV, family hatchback and SUV that’s insanely popular with family drivers.

For the pseudo SUV transformation Fiat has jacked up the suspension by ten per cent, thrown on a set of all weather tyres and paired that with a clever traction control system that uses electronics to give more grip in winter.

ON THE INSIDE: Inside none of the plastic is of the slush moulded ‘soft feel’ variety, but some gloss black plastic on the dashboard helps lift the interior ambience.

The analogue instruments are nice and clear but I found the steering partially obscured my view of the speedo if I adjusted the rim to my personal preference. This might not be an issue if you like your steering wheel to be quite high.

The interior feels very spacious thanks to the ‘seamless’ glazing design and the windscreen pillars that have been split and tapered to reduce dangerous blackspots to an absolute minimum. Other manufacturers still building cars with A pillars thicker than marble columns could do well to follow Fiat’s example.

I was surprised to find a surface covering of rust on the steering column’s universal joint. As this component is inside the cabin, I presume the part had to be rusting before it was fitted or the car had been stored in damp conditions which had got to the bare metal.

WHAT DO YOU GET: Other features unique to the Trekking include protective underbody shields (unlikely to be troubled unless you venture off the road) and smart looking diamond finished alloy wheels (likely to be the first cosmetic casualty when you do).

Depending on the model, the Trekking benefits from a host of large car features, such as cruise control, the five inch Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth,
timberland jumper Fiat's 500L Trekking
air conditioning and six airbags first seen on the 500L. Exclusive features on the 500L Trekking are specific bumpers, dark tinted windows and Traction+ grip control system.

HOW PRACTICAL IS IT? The 500L is a wide car with lots of room for five people, especially in the back. The doors open wide for easy access, and the low sills mean there’s no step up as in an SUV.

The split level boot is well thought out. Unlike similar two storey luggage compartments, the Trekking arrangement allows easy access to the main boot space and the compartment underneath. The false floor can be stowed away when it isn’t needed. The 400 litre capacity can accommodate five large suitcases.

The upright hatch and the tall body makes it possible to carry bulky items like a bicycle without dropping the rear seat backs.

There are two gloveboxes, the usual one near the passenger’s knees and a smaller cubby higher up that’s just about big enough for a bag of sweets.

RUNNING COSTS: There are four engines: three petrols and a brace of diesels. The multiple award winning 0.9 TwinAir Turbo 105hp, the 1.4 95hp FIRE engine and the 16 valve 120bhp T Jet make up the petrol offerings. In the diesel corner, Fiat’s clever MultiJet II technology appears in 1.3 litre 85hp and 1.6 litre formats.

VERDICT: The 500L Trekking is a family friendly crossover with lots of room for the driver and four passengers. Fiat’s diesel engine is torquey and very flexible, especially in town where it will dawdle along in high gear without a hint of protest. Ultimately,
timberland jumper Fiat's 500L Trekking
the Fiat it most reminded me of was not the 500 but the wacky Multipla and that was one of the most underrated cars of the past 20 years. Fiat’s back in the big car league.