cheap timberlands uk Airdrie RCMP charge three in connection with lengthy weekend chase

timberland shorts Airdrie RCMP charge three in connection with lengthy weekend chase

RCMP have charged two men and one woman in connection with a lengthy pursuit of a stolen truck and trailer over the weekend that went from Airdrie through Calgary and back again.

All three face charges such as possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, careless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon both obtained by crime and for a dangerous purpose, and possessionof property obtained by crime over $5,000. 1.

Tyrell Teddy Noskiye, 27, of Fort McKay was charged with 16 offences, including possession of a weapon contrary to order and failure to comply with a probation order. Noskiye is expected to appear in court in Airdrie on Feb. 8.

Darby Jackson Benedict of Calgary was charged with nine offences.

All three face charges of resisting a peace officer and possession of break in instruments.

Hall andNoskiye remain in custody.

Benedict, 22,was released on a recognizance to appear in provincial court in Airdrie on Thursday.

They were arrested on Sunday after an early morning chase by RCMP of an alleged stolen Ford F 150 truck pulling a trailer, which police say travelled along streets in the wrong direction through Airdrie, eventually making its way toward Calgary via the QEII Highway, before turning back.
cheap timberlands uk Airdrie RCMP charge three in connection with lengthy weekend chase

cheap timberlands uk Are You Addicted to Worry

kids timberland Are You Addicted to Worry

Do you feel anxious when your phone rings; are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you feel active when you are worrying, like you are actually accomplishing something?

We can make ourselves worry just by letting wrong thoughts to enter in to our minds.

Believe it or not, but we could actually be addicted to anxiety and worry. Feeling of worry, anxiety and fear release hormones andchemicals in to our body, like adrenalin, cortisoland others. Those hormonesare supposed to help our body react in a stressful situation creating a “fight or flight”response in us.

Although, whenthe adrenaline floods the body itmakes us feel uncomfortable, but after some time it builds up in us and it actually can have some antidepressant effect. Adrenalin triggers fear and causes anxiety but this causes release of dopamine, another hormone, which can actually ward off depression. After time, people can love the edge that this “fight or flight” response gives them in terms of energy,
cheap timberlands uk Are You Addicted to Worry
mood boost, and quick wit. Unfortunately prolong stress from worry or fear can harm our body so we need to learn to keep our worry at bay.

We are in control of our thoughts and our emotions. What we think about and say to ourselves, we believe it andact on it. Every time you feel worried or stressed, tell yourself, “I refuse to worry. Worry never solves anything, it only tortures me. I will stay calm.”

The best remedy I find is to pray instead of worry. Knowing that there is a God that is much more powerful than I am can actually help me keep things in perspective.

2. Understand that worry never helped anyone to solve anything.

When we are in a state of fear and worry, we are blocking our creative thinking and cannot come up with the best solutions. Most of the mistakes come from fear based decisions. Worry makes us feel like we are busy doing something to help the situation but in truth we are wasting our time torturing ourselves.

Someone said that, “Worrying is like sitting in the rocking chair. It makes a lot of movement but it doesn get you anywhere.

We must do what we know to do in the crisis. The rest will work itself out. Don paint the worst case scenarios in your mind about what might happen to you or your loved ones.

Again I say to those of you who are open to this idea, Pray, Pray, and Pray! There is much more benefit in prayer then in worry.

4. Try not to think too much of what tomorrow will bring.

5. Think positive thoughts.

You are the “boss” of your thoughts. You can and you must control the kind of thoughts you are thinking in order to live in peace. Counteract negative thoughts with positive affirmations and repeat them for as long as it takes for the fear,
cheap timberlands uk Are You Addicted to Worry
worry or anxiety to subside.