timberland girls sandals Air Canada ditches Aeroplan reward miles to pilot own rewards program

timberland boots wiki Air Canada ditches Aeroplan reward miles to pilot own rewards program

TORONTO Air Canada said Thursday it will launch its own loyalty rewards plan in 2020 and not renew its contract with the company running Aeroplan, sending Aimia stock plummeting by more than 50 per cent and angering some points collectors.

The Montreal based airline (TSX:AC) says customers will be able to continue collecting Aeroplan points until June 2020, after which miles earned from flying on Air Canada or its 26 Star Alliance partners will be credited to the in house loyalty program instead. Travellers will be able to redeem those points for Air Canada and Star Alliance flights.

The airline said it intends to continue allowing Aeroplan members to redeem their Aeroplan points for seats on their flights after June 2020. However, Aimia CEO said that isn certain yet, as there are still a lot of discussions to be had.

Some Aeroplan members didn react kindly to the development on social media. Others worried they wouldn be able to use Aeroplan points for Air Canada and Star Alliance flights beyond June 2020 and were concerned they have to rush to redeem points before it was too late.

This isn the only time in recent history Canadians have felt short shrifted by a loyalty program. LoyaltyOne, the company that operates Air Miles, upset consumers when it announced it would change its policy so collectors would lose any miles they don use within five years. The policy, which was to take effect Dec. 31, 2016, was cancelled following a consumer backlash.

Aimia CEO David Johnston said in an interview the company is exploring a range of alternatives for its business after Air Canada contract ends, including pursuing other partners.

is something we anticipated, Johnston said in an interview on his first day on the job after serving several months on an interim basis. The company announced Wednesday evening that Rupert Duchesne, who has been on medical leave, is retiring from the top role.

He assured the program five million customers they can expect a smooth transition.

three years left to run on the contract and in that period, it business as usual, Johnston said.

Even so, Aimia (TSX:AIM) shares fell 57 per cent to $3.80. Air Canada stock rose 8.5 per cent to $16.16.

Air Canada said in a statement it aiming to strengthen its relationships with customers in making the switch. It declined to comment further on the change.

Analysts called the news positive for the airline. However, RBC Dominion Securities Inc. analyst Derek Spronck said in a note that it remains to be seen what the transition costs will be and why Air Canada assumes the net present value of the program repatriation over 15 years to be more than $2 billion. The airline said it will provide more detail on this at its investor day on Sept. 19, 2017.

Aeroplan was originally Air Canada in house loyalty program. It was spun off as an independent business, now called Aimia Inc., which has expanded its customer base and evolved its services over the years.

The company has 5 million active members, who have a total of about 200 billion miles on their balances.

5 things to know about Aeroplan points and Air Canada

Here what that means for the five million Aeroplan members earning rewards for flying Air Canada and redeeming points for flights with the national carrier:

1. What happens to my Aeroplan points?

Nothing. Your Aeroplan balance remains intact, unless you choose to redeem points for flights or other rewards.

What changes is how you earn points after June 2020 and, possibly, what you can buy with those points.

2. I booked a flight in the future on Air Canada using Aeroplan points. What happens to my booking?

Members who have already planned trips and booked flights with their Aeroplan points will still be able to travel as planned.

3. What points do I earn when I fly on Air Canada?

Until Air Canada contract with Aimia expires in June 2020, miles earned for travel on Air Canada flights will be credited to travellers Aeroplan accounts.

After that, travellers who fly on Air Canada will earn points towards the company own loyalty program.
timberland girls sandals Air Canada ditches Aeroplan reward miles to pilot own rewards program

timberland girls sandals Beware of the Canada Mountain Bob

timberland for babies Beware of the Canada Mountain Bob

“I looked right out of this windowhe was right down there at the bottom of that field. It wasn’t no coyote and it was for darn sure no house cat. It was way too big!”

My neighbor down the ridge swore she saw one of Maine’s elusive mountain lions on the edge of her property as dusk was setting in. She proceeded to tell me, with arms spread nearly four feet apart, that “its tail was this long!”

“This was a mountain lion I know what I saw!” The conversation then veered off into the night her husband heard a sasquatch bellowing behind their trailer home down the ridge towards the cedar bog.

All joking aside, more and more Mainers are reporting sightings of mountain lions. Are they really here? Some folks emphatically say yes. While the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife does not officially recognize a mountain lion population in Maine, recent stories on BDN should make even the harshest of skeptics think twice.

Do I think cougars are prowling the forests of Maine? I don’t really know. What I do know is that they were once here and habitat in the north and east is prime territory for a mountain lion population. That is about the sum of my opinion. I do agree however with some skeptics who demand to see proof. In the day of widespread trail camera usage I’d expect to see at least one photo just one, anywhere in the state.

I use numerous trail cameras at all of my coyote bait sites there are quite a few along Tucker Ridge. There is one less than 500 yards from my neighbor’s alleged sighting. I have coyotes, bobcat and once in a blue moon, the occasional lynx. If these predators are lured in to the bait site, why does the cougar pass it up?

As I noted earlier, I do not have a steadfast opinion on whether mountain lions exist in Maine, but I know from experience that a lot of folks cannot distinguish a bobcat from a lynx even at close distances. Identifying a cougar at 300 yards in failing light is a wholly different matter. Even the sighting of a long tail could be askew in that type of visibility. If you are a hunter, you know what I mean. I’ve seen a bear turn into a rock at daybreak and a buck materialize into a small cedar stand as dawn approached. I figured now was a good time for a quick primer on bobcats, Canada lynx and mountain lions.

Bobcats have short legs,
timberland girls sandals Beware of the Canada Mountain Bob
short ear tufts and a white patch under the black tip on the tail

Bobcats are the smallest of the three averaging 20 30 pounds in Maine with short tails about 5 6 inches long. The underside of the tail is white with a black spot at the tip. The bobcat has slightly tufted ears and longer fur on the face called a “ruff”. Their overall color can be reddish, greyish or brownish with the underside and chin being a lighter color. Black spots are common on the legs and undersides while younger cats may display spots over their entire body. Bobcats have relatively short legs.

Lynx have long legs, a solid black tipped tail and pronounced ear tufts

Canada lynx are similar in size to bobcats but their big, long legs contribute to the perception of them being larger. Lynx have distinctly large, heavily furred feet. In winter they sport gray fur with faint spotting and will appear reddish in summer with a much shorter coat. The black ear tufts on lynx are much more pronounced and the tail tip is solid black, unlike a bobcat with the white underside.

Mountain Lions have round heads with no facial ruff and are typically 7 8 feet in length

Also known as cougars, mountain lions are far larger than lynx and bobcats averaging nearly three feet in height at the shoulders and seven to eight feet in length from nose to tail. The mountain lions coat is typically a tawny shade with a light colored underside and chin. Cubs will display spotting and ringed tails. As cougars grow into adulthood they lose all spotting. Juveniles can be recognized by spotting only visible on the rear flanks. The head appears round with erect ears. There are no ear tufts or face ruff present. Mountain lions can resemble domestic short haired cats, albeit very large ones.

As I think about how to close this article, I find myself gazing out my office window at the tree line rolling down the east side of Tucker Ridge. It is dusk and the dense mixed forest is shrinking into the shadows. What I see between a thick stand of fir and spruce causes me to jump up and grab my binoculars off of the gun cabinet. I put the binos right up to the window pane and I can’t believe my eyes!

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timberland girls sandals Beware of the Canada Mountain Bob
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